Entry Seven In FRIENDS-OF-KUCHED” Week


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Frank’s Trifecta

An excerpt fromRampart Red– Copyright © 2015 by Michael A. Kuch

JUNE 22, 1979

After The Last Day Of High School … 

Milo and Percy sat shoulder to shoulder stooped like pigeons on the front porch steps of the Como’s bungalow watching Donny and Sam in the driveway.

“No freakin’ way,” Donny said, sucking on an orange popsicle.  “Not a chance, my man.”

“What’s the problem?” Sam asked.  “It’s got plenty of room.”

Sam was rinsing the hood of his mom’s 1964 Rambler American convertible.  Rampart Red. Continue reading “Frank’s Trifecta”

Road Trip


Going Down Old Dominion Way … Shenandoah Valley … Blue Ridge Mountains … 

A Night In Staunton.  Through Charlottesville – Wa-Hoo-Wa! – If you know, what I mean …  On to Richmond and the Festivities.

“Celebrating 140 Years of Brotherhood on a Long, Long, Long Weekend.”

… Consequens Umquam, Deessens Numquam … 


Photo by Mike from Pexels