Miracles. Everyday.


When We Open Our Eyes – With Our Hearts – Faith Delivers ….

“There Are No Surprises, Accidents or Disappointments In True Faith.”

Sure, Awareness Has Got To Do Its Thing, which is where we come in and make some noise.

Perhaps, the Real Miracle is … How We’ve Made It This Far Without A Clue? Continue reading “Miracles. Everyday.”

Peddle Slower


Perspective In Life Takes Time Invested In Truth, Awareness And Positive Reflection.

In our blind, gluttonous rush to succeed and conquer all at any cost – to achieve and be everything we’ve ever dreamt of – we wear ourselves down to the barest thread of humanity.

Until we stress out, become ill, and collapse.

We’re left cannibalizing our Soul for another sliver of Spiritual Sustenance. Continue reading “Peddle Slower”

Confusing False Bravado With True Confidence: Self-Empowerment Built On Spiritual Strength


It Takes All The Blame On This One.

Humility and Modesty are the true barometers of Spiritual Strength.

“Of the infinite misjudgements, tribulations and poor decisions I’ve curated in my adolescence, ushered through early adulthood and lingered on into middle-age, trumping up my confidence on a fatalistic foundation of bravado and conceit, was the most perilous work of an Ego Gone Bad.”

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