Girls Night Out (Act One)


If You Want Proof That I Still Can’t – Shouldn’t Ever – Talk To Women In Clubs …  

Consider the hellish Voodoo spell cast upon me the Friday before last.

It happened just as All My Charming Idiosyncrasies stopped being Charming …

Which left my Idiosyncrasies alone, afraid and vulnerable to the bullying of Deep Regret. Continue reading “Girls Night Out (Act One)”

We Should Talk


The Guys Need Help … Tout de Suite … 

This mess has gone beyond My Humble, Always Jaded Opinion … from Bad Sci-Fi to The Un-See-Able Mortification of Vanity.

An intervention of Armageddon proportion is needed to Save The Males from Themselves, because the Ragazzi are not going to do it alone.

 … I Promise To Help Where I Can, But Please Keep In Mind I May Be Part Of The Problem. Continue reading “We Should Talk”