Entry Seven In FRIENDS-OF-KUCHED” Week


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That’s What She Almost Said …

This post originally appeared December 4, 2019 on Kuched.  Though it received many positive comments and views, I deleted it.  Thought it may have been a little Self Inflamed.  Ego Rendered.  Get Over Myselfish.  But, its Just Me … Talking.  I own these words.  Cryptic to Gospel.  Added a bunch more on the version below.  If you think I’m writing this Friction Fiction about you?  Nah.  It’s All About Me even when it isn’t …    

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Peddle Slower


Perspective In Life Takes Time Invested In Truth, Awareness And Positive Reflection.

In our blind, gluttonous rush to succeed and conquer all at any cost – to achieve and be everything we’ve ever dreamt of – we wear ourselves down to the barest thread of humanity.

Until we stress out, become ill, and collapse.

We’re left cannibalizing our Soul for another sliver of Spiritual Sustenance. Continue reading “Peddle Slower”