Johnnie. Blue. Neat.

An excerpt from ‘Swayed’ – Copyright © 2014 by Michael A. Kuch



Phil told Ethan to have a drink while he called Leo upstairs to check if it was cool with him showing up without a meeting.  Annoying little prick.  Ethan dropping in on Leo at Sugars.  Uninvited.  Leo didn’t have friends.  Entertaining squeaky ginger’s like Ethan? Continue reading “Johnnie. Blue. Neat.”

Déjà Vu Doo

An excerpt from ‘Café Baci’ – Copyright © 2011 by Michael Kuch

Continued from Claire, Darling


One too many times.  He laid still, silent as death.  His body stiff as a plank of gnarled hardwood, like rigor mortis had set in, harpooning him to the mattress.  His skin prickled with chills from a sleepless night of cold sweat, suffocated by dreadful night terrors, awakened by sudden fear and anxiety.  Continue reading “Déjà Vu Doo”

Frank’s Trifecta

An excerpt fromRampart Red– Copyright © 2015 by Michael A. Kuch

JUNE 22, 1979

After The Last Day Of High School … 

Milo and Percy sat shoulder to shoulder stooped like pigeons on the front porch steps of the Como’s bungalow watching Donny and Sam in the driveway.

“No freakin’ way,” Donny said, sucking on an orange popsicle.  “Not a chance, my man.”

“What’s the problem?” Sam asked.  “It’s got plenty of room.”

Sam was rinsing the hood of his mom’s 1964 Rambler American convertible.  Rampart Red. Continue reading “Frank’s Trifecta”

Uncle Bart

An excerpt from ‘The Rose Consolation’ – Copyright © 2017 by Michael A. Kuch


Liar, Cheat and Thief.

If consolation for criminal ineptitude offers immunity from further judgement, I’m not very good at any of these.

A trite claim, I suppose, doesn’t make me any less culpable for what I’ve done. Continue reading “Uncle Bart”