20 thoughts on “Spooked!

  1. Silk Cords

    That thing with the leaf blower got a chuckle. I remember this blurb in an OLD comedic routine… I think it was George Carlin, complaining about the burbs being a street full of bleeps all blowing their leaves into their neighbor’s yard.

    Definitely sounds like Carlin.

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  2. SnapDragon X.

    Love love love this! Also, I have a problem with compulsively buying magazines when I’m about to check out at the grocery store. I recently saw The Farmers’ Almanac and seriously had to stop myself. Should it be my next shameful(less) purchase? 🙂

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  3. ashleyleia

    Bring on the tooth decay! And here’s a look—70s plaid underwear layered on top of chocolate brown corduroy. That might even be enough to send the leaf-blowing neighbours into a strategic retreat.

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