Then It Broke Me …


Where True Pain Searches For Comfort Under The Weight Of Unbearable Loss.

It Hit Me A Couple Hours Later: My Soul Folded, Emotions Collapsed Onto Me, My Heart Buckled, Losing Composure And The Feigned Strength Of A Man Weakened, Escaped … As I Read His Message Posted Days Earlier – Knowing He Was Gone, Gone, Gone …

Forty-Four Years Of Friendship? Its Not Enough, Father. Still, Thank You, For Him. For Life Back Then – Memories Of Back When – For The Moments Now, And For Those That’ll Never Come.

Peace Be With You, Dear MB – Love You, Always Have, You Were Right Back In Time About The Day That Came Too Soon … Painfully More In Absentia – Brother-My-Brother …

Image by Goran Horvat from Pixabay

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