All The Cats I Know …


Perhaps, I’m Hanging Out With The Wrong Felines?

The Kitten Caboodle – Los Felinos – Das Schlecht Katzen.

One Girl Cat In Particular – The Impossibly Majestic Beauty (Pictured Above) With Crazy Green Eyes And Just So Natural Eye Liner, Pink Lips And What-Color-Is-That-Pretty-Nose-Anyway? Would’ve Had Poor Cleopatra Of Alexandria “Jealous Much-ing” Around The Dusty Back Streets Of Taposiris Magna And A Watchful Eye On Her Roman Boo, Marcus Antonius – Is A Known Passive-Aggressive, Twice-Pardoned Snuffer Of Mice, Swatter Extraordinaire Of Common House Flies, And Contemplator Of Birds And Her Shih Tzu Step Brother’s Dog Food.

Not Nice Behavior.

“Snausage Breath Is The Dead Giveaway …”

Photo of Buffy Midnight by Mick @ Kuched (Taken During An Interruption In The Painting Of A Bedroom By A Nosy White-Mitten’d Tabby Sitting On A Step Ladder With Nothing Better To Do But Pose For A Portrait …)

9 thoughts on “All The Cats I Know …

  1. theholodoc

    I didn’t know you knew my cat, Luna. A cat-tankerous beast (Has she snuffed a mouse? I don’t know, but she is good with bugs).
    Your post gives a nice description (and better picture) of one of the worlds (IMHO) more interesting animals (humans are first, again IMHO).
    Thanks, Dr. Bob

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