The Hurr(a)y Up & Wait, What Just Happened?


I’m Not Quite Sure “How This Cluster-Dump-It-On-Mick” Situation Came To Be …

Specifically, How-In-The-Everglades I Inherited The Honor And Implied Obligation Of Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner Today, Because Antsy-Pants Canadians Need To Do This Charade On The Second Monday Of October Getting A Sizeable Jump – International Bragging Rights – On Their American Cousins South Of The Border By 45 Days.

I’d Like To See A Saw-Off And Both Countries Come Up With A Mediated Settlement Of Joint Turkey/Tofurky Holidays On Or Around The Half Way Point.

“Oooopsy – That’s Halloween On October 31 – Scrap That Idea, Darling.”


Hey, I Know … It’s The Worst Kept Secret Since My Half-Year (Annual 0.5’er) Extravaganza Last April – Has Seen At Least Three Different Itineraries Planned And Pooped Out.

I Can Point Fingers At My Immediate Family; However, They’re Not Entirely Receptive To The Idea Of Blame, And The Fleshy Digits Will Inevitably Lead Back To Me – My Big Mouth – And The Voluntary Sucker For Self-Flagellation In The Kitchen.

“In The Interim, I’ve Been Ornery As One Can Be, Being Laid Up From My Allegiance To Quasi-Vaxxy-Friendliness, I Confess …”

I Was Pricked Twice By Nurse Smiley On Thursday For Vaccinations Meant To Ward Off Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B (Twinrix) And Shingles (Shingrix) – So, My Plans To Spend A Night Away Got Quashed In The Scrotum And Other Areas Of The Under Carriage, Because The Side Affects Of Two Shots To My Shoulders Left Me Feeling Uneasy Queasy.


Are Converging On The Grotto At 4 PM …

In An Couple Of Minutes I’ll Be At The Kitchen … Spotify On … Looking For My Mind And Where To Begin To Unravel The Royal Heap Of Non-Prepared Food Stuff In Front Of Me: Contemplating A Massive Smoked Ham (Bone In) And Turkey (Boneless – New To Me – Didn’t Know A Certain Flock Of Turkey’s Are Born Sans Bones, But That’s The Beauty Of Science, Sorcery And Cookery).

And Their Friendly Side Kicks: Potatoes (Mashed, Skins On) – Roasted Brussel Sprouts (Flown In Direct From Belgium) And Tre-Colored Carrots (Orange, Yellow And Let’s Go With Purple) – Mixed Salad – And Assorted Why Bother? Accoutrements (Stuffing, Cranberry Sause, Yadacetera). Plus, Whatever Desserts The Lads Are Bringing. I’ve Probably Missed A Few Items.

“Regret Comes To Mind – I’m Wiped Already – Here’s A Smile.”

Image by Alexas Fotos from Pixabay