Its Been A Mostly Shitty-Shitty, Bang-Bang Kind-Of-Week …

I Was In An Asshole-Infused – Resting Prick Face – Meh-Sir-Able-Mood Dinkering For 72-Hours Too Many … Lickin’ Sour Furry Plums Instead Of ‘Suckin’ On Chili Dog Outside The Tastee Freeze’ – And, I Quote:

“Go Fuck Myself!”

That’s How Shitty-Shitty – I Should’ve Left The Planet – Bang-Bang … It Was And Went.


When I Back-Handed The Taupe Reset Button …

And, Merrily Entitled My Anxious Little Man Self A Bonus Floater Day Like Big Boys Do.

So, I Booked A Personal Day – Sans The Quasi-Essential Burden Of Work Nonsense – And Kuched It The /f/ Up.

Then I Took Care Of A Tiny Fam Jam Matter In Need Of Cool Dad-Fixing.


All Better’y Now … I’m Packing An Extra Wow-lick In My Saturday Morning Saunter … Saving The Whatnot Until The Street Lights C’Mon Now.

Blame It On Yesterday’s Cafeccino & Confectionery Break-Out Session – Macarons Loved In Raspberry, Pistachio And Earl Grey Ganache (Not Pumpkin Spice, Darling) – If You Like.

“Where’ve You Been Hiding, Oh Mon Cherie?

Von Heidi Am Freitag – Bobbette & Belle Artisanal Pastries – Grazie, Bella.

Image by Katharina Dolinski from Pixabay

Jack And Diane” – Songwriter: John Mellencamp – © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

5 thoughts on “/f/

  1. Writer of Words, etc

    I gotta come up with a ‘resting prick face’ female version because this type of mood describes how I feel/look at times. You know when I’m not wearing my halo. Note to self: get a new one, the other one disappeared…or was swiped by sticky tween-aged fingers.

    You’re very clever with your word-crafting Mr. Kuch. Should have had some salted caramel cheesecake. 😛

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