Kuched On Summer Chill


Friends, I’m Taking A Little Breather From My Mess Of An Unnecessary Blog …  

To Decompress And Catch My Breath.

“To Recalibrate My Senses And Reinvigorate My Life Where It Matters Most At The Moment …”

With Tocks Ticking, I’m Focusing On Creative Writing Projects, Artistic Pursuits, And Philanthropic Interests I’ve Been Avoiding.



In Late 2019, I Announced The Start Up Of Klöve — A Foundation I Planned To Organize And Activate This Year.

Well, Such A Magnificent Plan Hasn’t Happened As Fluidly As I Had Hoped.

It’s-On-Me Not The Pandemic —  So, I’m Returning To Invest All The Love, Time And Resources It Deserves.  I’ll Pop In On Kuched With Updates And My Monthly Love Bite On How To Help Fight Hunger.

“Hungry Mouths Matter …”



Its My Truth, My Lies & Confessions In Between The Sins …  

Burning My Soul Since 1990 And In The Way Back When, With Encores In 1998, 2004 And 2016.

It’s Unfinishable.  I Can’t Leave This Planet For Heaven Or Hades Until Its Done With Me.

“I Owe It To My Sons, Mom And God.”



Damn, I’ve Gotten More Manuscripts-In-Heat Than I Can Extinguish, But One Has Grown On Me.

The Working Title Is …

In The Shitter”.

It’s About Two Brothers — Theo & Chuck Conceived On The Last Day Of Disco.  Yes, There’s Sex And Drugs Involved, Money Laundering, Bad Parenting, And Unicorns.



Kookaburra Me Shitter Needs A Happy Ending.

This One I Owe To Myself, Which Is One Debt I Plan To Pay Back Before Its Due …

More Than Just Wise-Assed Epiphanies Of Cryptic Wordsmithing Delivered Daily.

“Portmanteau, Pourquoi, Mon Chéri?”



Which Is A Known Cure For Blogging And Writer’s Block, Right?

And, A Damn Fine Way To Sign Off …

“Klove, Peace & Blessings”




I’ve Left All Y’alleses With A Bunch Of Stuff To Read … 

There’s 378 Posts.  162,000 Words (Never Repeated, Grammar-Free).  And, A Couple Frozen Bagels In The Freezer If You Get Hungry.

Please Behave While I’m Away — Try Loving Each Other — If You Need Something, Catch Me Anytime:


25 thoughts on “Kuched On Summer Chill

  1. Erica/Erika

    Enjoy your break, Michael. I look forward to reading what you are up to when you return. You will feel better when you get some of your projects completed. Or, some progress. Easy for me to dish it out. I have my own great intentions and expectations to work on. Take care. 🙂

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  2. Brandi S.

    It seems we both have needed that much needed break. Glad to see you pursuing your passions and getting in touch with the things that matter to you, Michael. Hope all goes well and that you are doing awesome! You’ll be missed, my friend! 🙂


  3. hanrs

    The daily infusion of necessary unique and cryptic word-smithing will be missed, but enjoy your well deserved break and redirection. I’ll be at the front of the line to purchase a first edition copy of the published Collection of Kuched-up Words.
    Please keep sharing your gift(s). 💜

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  4. America On Coffee

    Hi there Kuch! Love that gorgeous vehicle couch rendition. Awesome. You may be taking a break for your own reassessment, however the business of philanthropy never sleeps. Well wishes to you. Keep safe and stay wise!💕☕️☕️

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      Hey, There … I love it too. Been daydreaming about challenging myself with such a project. I’ve done a bit of antique restoration and upholstery and big into vintage and classic cars … so it seems like a natural. I’m popping into to read my favorite bloggers. I’ll check in every once in awhile. Be well and dance 💃

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    • America On Coffee

      Sounds wonderful! I am in! I took a big, wide 5” basket and made a seat out of it. I cushioned it and covered it with Satin. I took a square basket cover, colored framed it and I embellished the entire with Chinese Characters. It was so beautiful in My then dining area. The very best fun regards to you, Kuch.☕️☕️☕️☕️


  5. Silk Cords

    Deja vu; the feeling you’ve seen this issue somewhere before…

    You’ve hit upon the core reason I get frustrated with my own blog at times. I’m doing the blog to build an audience for any writing I do, but I can count real followers on my fingers, and fake likes outnumber sincere ones 10 to 1. I wonder why I do it more often than not.

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      Definitely feeling that way recently. I just read Blogging Blues. Great piece. I’m more in the mood for reading good writers with meaningful content and think I’ll enjoy that for a bit. I just stopped following several dozen bloggers over the weekend. Liberating. I’ve been able to write freely now in my other pursuits and enjoying it again … I just hopped on Silk Cords and remembered what brought me there. 😊

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      Hi, Jim. I miss it already, but I’m staying put. I managed to knock out about 1,000 words early this morning on my two writing projects. I’ll update the tribe every once in awhile. I may have eaten all the bagels, but if you enjoy Neapolitan ice cream then you’re in lucky. Catch up soon. 😊

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