The Last Truth About Love


Played It Safe By Sandwiching ‘Love’ — Intimate Relationships In The Middle Of His 5-Tier Hierarchy Of Needs … 

I Might Argue To Myself Love Deserves To Be Bumped Up The Pyramid To The Next Level.  Relegate Esteem Needs Feeling Of Accomplishment Down A Notch.  Or, Is It The Other Way Around?

“Do We Ever Fall Out Of True Love?”

Meh-Be.  I’d Say, I’m Perfectly Incapable Of Unloving … If I’m Stretching The Truth.  I Tried — I Failed — Miserably To Magnificently.  I Wish I Wasn’t So Dramatically Inept At Uncoupling Love.  Heart, You Shameless Bastard … We Should Talk More.

Image by Somchai Chitprathak from Pixabay

16 thoughts on “The Last Truth About Love

  1. Letitgocoach

    I’ve not been able to unlove. The men of my past were loved, and I still love them on some level. That’s not to say we need to be together, but I will probably always love them. (Que Whitney Houston)


  2. theholodoc

    I doubt that their is a “Truth about Love” that applies to us all. We all are unique, and therefore, love uniquely. A relationship happens when the two (or more, polyamory accepted) ways, have enough confluence to allow intimacy. Thanks, Dr. Bob

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