The “Almighty Now” Hack


Has Just Arrived By Prayer Yeah, Not Amazon Because God Delivers All The Good Stuff Himself … 

My Morning Prayer — Love Humanity Faith Jam (Yep) Was Answered In A Lemme-See-What-I-Can-Do-About-It-Kinda-Sorta-Way.  I’ve Been Mumbling To God With The Same Guilt Trip For A Bunch Of Weeks Now: Asking Nicely, To Make Today A Beautiful Day.

In Divinity-Speak — Answering Prayers Means Some Assembly Required.  Also, Get Off Your Ass And Do Something About It Was The Pretty Message I Was Picking Up On My Soul Frequency.  So, If You Fancy Doing Monday RightCheck Out What My Conscience Has To Say:

“Keep Today Simple And Easy For Peasy Sake..  We’re Not Built For Evil Like Hate, Racism, War, Human Atrocities … Make A Plan To Be Better Than Yesterday And Give It A Little Space To Grow For Tuesday.  It’s A Long Week … Start With Good Manners (It’ll Get You Everywhere) Like Momma Taught You.  And, If You Don’t Agree With Someone, Let Them Know — Be Nice About It — Seek A Peaceful Resolution.  Try A Different Flavor Instead Of The Same Old Vanilla Or Chocolate.  Order Whatever They’re Having — Whomever They Are Be Them For A Moment.  It’s Still ‘You … But Not All About You Sweet Deal’.  Do Something Good For Others Without Me Nagging.  I Don’t Enjoy Nagging, But I Will If I Have To …  Like Feeding The Hungry Close To Home.  Help A Stranger Not Be A Stranger?  Forgive Yourself And Another.  Exhale.  Mask Up … To Give A Hug, Get A Hug.  Also, Don’t Forget To Laugh And Cry … Tears Are Required Everyday To Live.  In Between Doesn’t Exist … Tears Are Water After All … And, Where’d We Be Without Water?”

Image by Margit Wallner from Pixabay

8 thoughts on “The “Almighty Now” Hack

  1. Brandi S.

    Haha! I love how you said “Yeah, not Amazon”. God does deliver all the good stuff! I love the message in this post, Michael, and the word empathy comes to my mind when I read it. Just a beautiful reminder to think about others and put ourselves in their shoes sometimes. Be willing to bend for a change and do something out of our comfort zones. Of course, there’s a line that had me nodding in huge agreement: “Get Off Your Ass And Do Something About It” <<< This advice will get you far!

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      Dearly appreciate your comments and sharing the common message. Yes, God is omnipresent. All knowing and loving … He is the Good Stuff, but He leans onto us to do what we must do to also make it good for others. Now, more than ever in our lives we see this. This is the right time to get off our asses. Thanks, Brandi.

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