Fun Staycation Ideas


I Was Saving Up Vacation Time For Jupiter Europe.  Going Continental, Darlings.

Plans Being Perfectly Clusterfeltched At Present.  Travel Dreams Submersed In A Chocolatey Fango Fudge Of Mierda.  Scheiße.  Merda.   

Spain Got Kyboshed Last April Germany Was On Board For September Italy Will Come Back To Me.

“Jamaica.  Irie.  Jamaica Me Crazy!”


There’s The Yearly “Boys Weekend” Road Trip To Look Ahead To With Pre-emptive Regret.  Because That Feces Never Gets Old.  Spring Or Fall Depending On Fluctuating Market Prices And Availability Of Craft Beer And Hangover Remedies Based On The Latest Lab Developments Of Acute Bro Science.

I Was Just About To Launch My “GoFundMe” Bail Campaign To “Free Mick From County Lock-Up Before Sunday” Though My Kill-Joy Lawyer — Handsome Phil “Big Philthy” Phillips Has Suggested A Hard No Way, Jose.   Ol’ Phi-Dog Needs Me The Same Weekend To Post Bond For Him.  Yeah, Our Attorney-Client Privilege Relationship Is Complicated And Weird Ever Since Triple Pee’s Disbarment And Pending Incarceration (see: Bang Kwang Below). 

So, That’s Probably Off Again.  Until It’s On Again.

“Please Don’t Ask Why We’re Going To Connecticut …”


My Domestic Digs … Which, Unsurprisingly, Still Hasn’t Been Short-Listed For A Feature Spread In Architectural Digest …  

Yeah, It’s Not Exactly Versailles.

Okay, Its A Regal Spa Compared To Bang Kwang or Carandiru.  

But, If You’ve Got To Compare Your Docile To The Planet’s Most Notorious Prisons, Then Perhaps A Text To Martha And Snoop Are In Order.



There’s The Pretty Park Across The Street … 

7 Days Of Picnics.  Social Distancing-Lite.  On An Heirloom Quilt The Size Of A Soccer Pitch.

“I Could Invite A Different Honored Guest Everyday.  Whip Up A Proper Étouffée, Soufflé Or Estonian Waffles.  Uncork Who Knows What Unholy Fire Water?”

And My Very Own Frisco’s Warm Tater Salad And Chilled Gazpacho Soup Combo No One’s Ever Raved About.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

11 thoughts on “Fun Staycation Ideas

  1. charlypriest

    Forgot, I re read it and you said Spain, the land of the wild bulls I call my country. Give me a call when you get here, I´m sure it is not your first time, hopefully it seems the government is letting people in and obviously, you have to go to the providence of Andalucia, specially the “town” called Marbella if you can afford it, great destinations there apart from Marbella, great people, great food, just a very nice place to vacation to.

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      Well, my trip was cancelled in April due to Covid19 and now tentatively planned for September. My business itinerary was to be in Almeria for a few days then free to travel leisurely. Marbella sounds incredible and would like to visit. I will definitely let you know as plans are confirmed. Thanks, Charly


    • charlypriest

      I believe the government did start to open the travel restrictions, as you know Tourism in Spain is a great chunk of our economy, so they better lift the travel ban. I was actually stationes (while in the army days) in Almeria, in Viator. We went to Marbella our days off to basically have fun and ruin things, young age kids with to much pressure so we had to let loose once in a while.
      Anyways, I hope you can travel soon get your business in shape or updated and then appreciate the sun, food and the wine here in Spain.

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  2. charlypriest

    Going from Europe to the moon, your a freaking astronatut Mr. Kuck, plus you bring great food, and now I´m hungry after seeing that, plus the wine almost forgot, you got to tell me what type of wine is that one, being in France my guess is a good one.

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