This Is What My Happy …


On My Saturday Morning … A Couple Of Perky Doppio Espresso’s In To My Glorious Day … And, My Heart’s Exactly Where It’s Supposed To Be:  Calm.  Peaceful.  Love Life Mode.

I Feel Like Writing For The Joyful Hell Of It — No Reason, No Purpose … Aside From A Bit Of Fun, Self-Indulgent Nonsense Gone Goofy, And Whatever Makes Me Smile.  

“Hooked On Words.  Letters, Too, Which Helps.  Sentences, When I Get Them Right.  Grammar, Perhaps, A Little Less But Still … Mrs. Heuer Would Probably Suggest That My Intent Was There, Like She Did In My 11th Grade English Class.  “Ma Heuer” And I … We Had Shakespeare In Common, Though My Grades May Have Suggested Otherwise, And She Was A Wonderful Teacher That I’m Most Certain I Never Thanked Until Now.” 

So, This Is A Fine Day, And It Shall Continue Being Fine.  Sunny, Warm As Soup Tempering.  Meaningful Poops & Giggles.  This Is What My Happy Sounds Like, And I’m Incapable Of Explaining It.


Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

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