My Resting Prick Face Tattoo


Yeah, I’m All-The-Way-Over It … Mio Facccia Tatuaggio … Down The Shitter.

Dreams This Fabulous Don’t Die Easily — Erasing It — Wiped Clean From #1,397 On My Fucket-It-Ditten-Happen-In-This-LifeList Just After Marrying Bea Arthur … And, My Failed Attempt To Re-Purpose The Semicolon Into Something More Useful.

Anyway, I Hope I Don’t Regret The Decision.  My Buddy Slim Over At Shady’s Tat Parlor & Vegan Cheese Emporium Said The Sale Ends Today, Mick Sweet BOGO Deal, Too — Damn, I Dunno, Slim Sounded Serious As Shit This Time.

“I Was Thinking About Getting A Goldfish … A Real One … 14 Karat.”  


Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

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