Make Noise To Silence Hunger


I Set Aside A Special Day … To Pick-A-Fight … With Something I Don’t Like.  

A Battle I Know I’ll Never Win, When I Only Scrap It Out About A Dozen Times A Year.

“It Starts By Raising My Right Hand, Then My Left.  To Make A Pair Of Pretty Fists … Then Release, Repeat, My Warm-Up Complete.  I Clear My Voice.  Stretch My Heart Like This — Shake The Love All The Way Out — And, Don’t Give Myself A Choice To Do Nothing, But Sweet Little This …”

… Because Doing Nothing Has Never Solved Anything But Entitle Apathy.



And, I’ll Chirp, Again …

On The Digital Soap Box.  Bend An Ear.  Lend A Helping Hand And Asks For Yours To Share.

“Chirping Over Fighting Hunger And Child Poverty.  If You’ve Been There, You’re Never Going Back, That’s For Sure … Unless You Plan To Do A Little Something About Doing Nothing.”

… The Rainbow-Colored Posts Below Are A Little Refresh On How I Got Here And Just Below Are 4 Places To Go – How To Help Fight Hunger – If That’s Your Thing …



I Understand … Whatever We Are … It Matters Not …   

Giving Food For Thought

Thought Beyond Our Mouths To Others

… Helping Those Too Damned Hungry To Think.



Eat Less …  

… Love More

Leave-A-Smile …

… Obliterate Hate



Buddy Up To Help Fight Hunger

Food Is A Human Right

Bread Not Chocolates

Amplify Our Love

Grazie, Darlings

Lovin’ All Your Lovin’

Pick A Street Fight With Hunger


Save The Date, Feed Their Fate



Feeding America

Food Banks Canada

Daily Bread Food Bank

World Food Programme


Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

17 thoughts on “Make Noise To Silence Hunger

  1. Stine Writing

    Teaching in public schools I found that one of the biggest problems in the US is that healthy food is too expensive! It is cheaper to buy a box of twinkies than a bag of grapes! There is definitely a problem. The other problem is the people who are out panhandling who don’t need to be. They ruin it for people to have empathy for others who REALLY need the help.

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  2. SnapDragon X.

    Thanks, Michael. Your efforts are admirable, as so many people across this globe go hungry each and every day. My hope is that alongside charitable contributions, we can educate, vote (for those who are given the opportunity) and create systemic change that provides a healthy way of living for ALL PEOPLE.

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