“Couch Talks With B”



Brandi’s Blog – “Couch Talks With B” – Is The Writer’s Unbreakable Engagement With The Reader …  There’s An Immediate And Lasting Connection From The Introductory Sentence On The About Page:

One Is Transcended To Brandi’s Youth.  Sitting On The Couch In Her Childhood Home.    Tender Love … Tough Love … The Reader Is Treated To The Intimacy Of A Family Dynamic.

And There You Are.  Hooked.  No Way Out, In Deeper.

“Looking back, I realize that I learned a lot of lessons while sitting on a couch. When I suffered my first heartbreak, it was on a couch where my parents sat me down and taught me about love. The times when I questioned my purpose in life, it was on a couch where my father challenged me to look deep for the answer and listen.”  B



“I am in no way anyone special.  I’m just a human being that loves helping other human beings get through life a little easier.  This blog is my humble attempt at creating a digital couch that you can come to for life changing talks.  As for my name, I’ve been called many things in my life:  A warrior.  A survivor.  A walking miracle.  An old soul.  Those who are close to me know me as Brandi, but for simplicity’s sake you can just call me … B.”



If It Was My Call, I’d Drop The In No Way Special

But, That’s Simply Brandi.  Saying It.  As It Is.

Replace With …  Special In Every Way.

But, That’s Just Me.  Saying It.  As I Feel It.



“Confession Series: Confessions Of An Ex-Speeder …”

“How To Become A Hater”

“For Liberty Or Chains”




Warning Label:  Be Prepared.  Once You Comment.  You’re Committed.  Right After Your Epiphany-To-Eureka Moment Of “Have We Met, B?” 

And, Rewarded To One Of The Most Engaging And Delightful Conversationalists On WordPress.

You’ll See.  Do It – As The Folks In Oregon Say – After Just.



Part Of Friend’s Of Kuched Week Is The Dedication Of A Song To The Honored Blogger …

Brandi Made This Pick Easy – She’s Doing All The Work Here – Have A Listen.

Brandi Singing “I Put Spell On You” By Annie Lennox – And – “Me” By Tamia.




I Didn’t Ask Brandi’s Permission To Write This …

Because That’s Not How Couch Talks With B Works.

That’s All I’m Saying …

“And, Thanks, Brandi.”


Image by Nikolay Frolochkin from Pixabay

12 thoughts on ““Couch Talks With B”

  1. Brandi S.

    OMG! Michael, you are far too kind, my friend! Thank you so much for this! I don’t even know what else to say but thank you. It really means so much to me that you think so much of what I share on here and I really do appreciate you so much. ((HUGS)) I’m so happy to have you as a part of my digital couch family! 🤗🙏🏼

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      Brandi, it’s always a pleasure to share the gifts and works of others, especially wonderful discoveries as I have recently. Truly, it gives me joy to support people wherever possible, whether I’ve only met them online or have been lifelong friends. Helping others is so easy. It takes almost nothing to connect and spread Love, Goodwill and Kindness … With so many talented writers and bloggers to be read and enjoyed, elevating above is nothing short of phenomenal in my humble opinion. Your writing resonates true and touches readers as it should, but its is your modesty and welcoming demeanor in your comments that engages and rewards. “Couch Talks” is an awesome place to be. 🙂

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    • Brandi S.

      Michael, your words truly do make me smile. It is such a gift to know such kind souls like you and so many others I have had the chance to meet on here. I’m just happy that I can make you feel welcomed on my little end of blog world. Thank you so much, again, for the kindness you have shown me, my friend. I really do appreciate it more than you know.

      I hope all has been well with you and that you have a fantabulous weekend! Stay amazing! 😁

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