“Doing Things That Matter”

Entry Three In FRIENDS-OF-KUCHED” Week


Arnetta L. Lane’s Blog“Life With Lane: “Doing Things That Matter” The Writer’s Infectious Spirit Is Instilled In Every Word … Every Photo … Every Moment … 

If You’ve Never Seen A Big Vivacious Heart Smile – They Don’t Come Any Brighter Or Beautiful – Then You’re In For A Sweet Treat Of True Humanity

“There’s No Escaping Arnetta’s Joy For Life – Celebration Of Family, Friends, Food & Furry Companions – She Adores And Shares Generously.”

Reading Arnetta, The Reader Feels Like They Have A New Best Friend, And For Returning Devotees, Refreshed By The Purity Of Her Soul-Infused Messages …



Lend A Helping Hand!

“I have so many things in life that I am passionate about. However, helping people is on the top of my list. In life, we always search for the meaning and what our purpose on the planet is and I believe mine is to help people. I am not sure how I am going to help people but I know that is what I am going to do! What greater joy is there in life than helping someone!”



A. La (*) Embodies Goodness – In Doing Good – In Being Good.

Arnetta’s Writing Is As Varied And Skilled And Crafted As Her Many Interests And The Important Issues She Supports: Equal Rights, Fighting Hunger, Animal Rights, Fighting Cancer, Girl Power!

Check Out Her Conceptual Children’s Books-In-Development: “The Adventures Of Eddie 2 Bags”

And, Editorials In The Orlando Times



Arnetta’s Regular Feature: “Reasons I Smiled This Week”

Could Just As Easily Be Titled, Reasons I Made You Smile This Week

And, How Could You Not Love …

“Interview With My Mother.”



“Hello, Beautiful Humans!”  A.L.L.


My Advice When Visiting “Doing Things That Matter”:  Wear Pink.  Have A Long Cool Drink – Something Colorful With A Fruity Garnish.

And, Please Say Hi To The Old Man … You’ll Meet Him.



Part Of Friend’s Of Kuched Week Is The Dedication Of A Song To The Honored Blogger …

Arnetta’s A Big Fan Of 80’s Music.   So, Let’s Go With Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel”

And, Yes, I Lifted It Straight From Arnetta’s Blog – 🙂 – Enjoy.

(Regrets Again As I Was Unable To Upload The Video From YouTube.)



(*) I Didn’t Ask Arnetta’s Permission To Refer To Her As “A. La”  … Because I Don’t Know … It Just Seemed To Fit And Was Suspiciously Obvious In Keeping With The Weekly Theme.

That’s All I’m Saying …

“And, Thanks, A.L.L.”


Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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  1. lifewithlane14

    Michael, you made me cry this morning 💕💕💕 This is the sweetest nicest thing ❤❤. Thank you very very much. I’m so very humbled. You didn’t need to ask my permission…….thank you!

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  2. Jim Borden

    Thanks for making me aware of another wonderful blogger to follow – I’m glad you don’t present these awards too often! I just read her most recent Reasons I Smiled This Week, and it did put a smile on my face…

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