“Mise-En-Place” … French, Oui?


In Snooty Culinary Terms – ([mi zɑ̃ ˈplas]) – Means Simply …

“Putting In Place” – Or – “Everything In Its Place.”

That Is, All The Prep Work Is Completed – Chopping & Arranging Ingredients, Herbs & Spices Sorted – Yadacetera …

Before One Starts Making An Uncleanable Mess Of The Kitchen, And Requires A Hazmat Suit Just To Start The Scrub-A-Dub Down.



… Doing Something With Almost Nothing To Show For, Then Realized You’re Only Halfway There?

Say, Like Making Two Large, Deep Pans Of Homemade Lasagne?

That’s My Sunday Morning Reality.  Now, A Sunday Afternoon Situation.  And, With Some Luck From The Bolognese God (After 4-Hours Simmering):

“Sunday Night Dinner With The Ragazzi.”



I Can’t Get The-Hell-Out-Of-My-Own-Way … Though I Know My Way Around A Kitchen Like Any Weekend Foodie Looking To Fluff Up A Soufflé … Or Ganache-It-Down A Nacho Or Two … 🙂

They Don’t Call Me “Julia & Julia” For Nothing, My Darlings.

“I Like My Company Well Enough – Obvious By The Self Love Regurgitation & Mick-Is-All-About-Me-Fest Found Here Daily On Kuched …” 

The Situation With Multitasking While Alone In The Kitchen Needs An Immediate Solution More Punishing Than A Vatican Intervention Or Gordon Ramsay Smack Down.



I Further Complicate Matters-Of-The-Kitchen By My Constant Interruptions To Do Culinary Side Hustles – And – Refusing To Take Short Cuts …

“I Can’t Cook On An Empty Stomach … I Wouldn’t Even Try That … It’s Just Looking For Trouble …”

Or, Deal With My Bialetti Espresso Maker Giving Me Mocha Eye

Because It Wants To Percolate And Whistle Its Way To Brewing The Chicory-Scented Nectar Of The Business Portion Under A Foamy Cappuccino.



And, My Growing, Treatment-Resistant Dependency On Using Every Kitchen Gadget And Apparatus Within Reach … 

At Last Count:  7 Utensils (2 I’ve Invented On The Spot Because I’m Resourceful Like That ..).  4 Mixing Bowls.  3 Wooden Spoons.  2 Knives.  2 Garlic Presses (Don’t Ask).  1 Cheese Grater.  1 Cutting Board (Washed Thrice).  1 Can Opener.  1 Measuring Cup (For Company).  1 Large Stock/Sauce Pot.  Y’Know The Rest …

“Plus, I’ve Got Laundry Going Through Its 89 Cycles.  Towels In The Dryer.  Another Load Of Never-You-Mind What’s In The Washer.  Spoiler Alert: Jeans, Sweat Pants, Pajama Bottoms …”

And, Whatchamacallits?


Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

28 thoughts on ““Mise-En-Place” … French, Oui?

  1. cookerytool48

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  2. Silk Cords

    That all you got? 😀 😀 😀 I thought you said you had alot of kitchen gadgets.

    Mise-En-Place; I’ve hated the term ever since the “celebrity chefs” on the Food Network started throwing around the term to virtue signal their ‘superior skills’ as cooks. If you used in a drinking game with the Worst Cooks in America show, you wouldn’t make it to the first commercial break, LOL.

    The term is fine when discussing continental cuisine, etc… but otherwise it’s just “prep work” for me and I let my dishes show my skill as a chef.

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      Heck, no. I’m kitchen drawers full of stuff not to mention utensil storage containers, crap under the counter … trays, it’s endless.

      I agree … there’s far too much unnecessary hoity-toity language bantered about on the FN. It was once fun watching some of the those shows. One of my favorites from the BBC was Jamie Oliver’s “Naked Chef” from the late 90s. Very young then.

      I like your style in the kitchen. BTW, I picked up a cleaver about 3 years ago and have rarely used a chef’s knife since. I’ll late veggies with it now. 😊

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    • Silk Cords

      Yeah, you’re definitely in the same boat as me then, LOL. I even have a specialty tool for peeling, pitting and slicing avocados. O_O

      Maybe we both need to start doing useless kitchen gadget of the week posts. 😀 😀 😀

      Food Network… Yeah it was good back in the old days when they focused on cooking. Now it’s nothing but fake game shows and chefs.

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      I haven’t watched a good cooking show in years. You’re so right about fake game shows … talking heads, no more than that.

      I need to see one of those Avocado thingys. I keep true to my medieval roots by hacking it in half and crosshatching a blade into the pit, then twisting it out. I’ve had near misses 😎

      I’m afraid the worst gadget in my kitchen will always be me 😳

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  3. janieleeds

    Michael it all sounds delish and similar to my life on a daily basis! LOL. Kids are always hungry and I feel like we finish one meal, I clean up and soon it’s time to make the next one! They do make themselves at least one meal a day though, but young men eat!! Julia and Julia movie inspired me to try cooking out of my comfort zone – ie eyeballing measurements instead of actually being exact and for the most part it worked. Of course, I didn’t press my luck.

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      Couple reasons:

      I’m ambidextrous in the best way imaginable, and an equal opportunist of unnecessary kitchen gadgets.

      I have both a left-handed and a right-handed garlic press, so depending on my mood, I’ll switch it up. I started prepping leaning toward my favored right side, then as I grew bored and disenfranchised, and I sashayed, moseyed, and sauntered to my left, which is appreciably more difficult than one might imagine.

      And, finally, when doing my encore press, I went full on, double-squeezing simultaneously both grinders, playing Wagner’s “Ride of The Valkyries” (performed by Berliner Philharmoniker).

      Also, I prefer Spanish Roja Garlic (Allium sativum var. ophioscorodon), which tend to be large.

      One of the presses is curated from the private collection of Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd, and the other (I believe) on permanent loan from the People’s Republic of Walmart.

      The model from PRoW can handle the large bulbs. The smaller, but cleverish Scandinavian-designed contraption disperses a finer press (pulp), which nicely compliments the coarser grind by the Walmartians.

      Both are essential when preparing lasagne.

      Any more questions that may require a smart-assed answer?



    • Michael A. Kuch

      I knew you’d be nursing a cup about now. 🙂

      Happy Victoria Day.

      How unnecessary is it that we celebrate the birthday of a long-deceased Queen whose reign of the Commonwealth started decades before Confederation in Canada?


  4. Kathy of London

    I have a love hate relationship with cooking (but it’s cheaper than constantly eating out) I tend to buy new utensils to help with the ease of production. I am on a wooden spoon kick and recently set up a new work station for chopping veggies as well as blasting Synthpop for motivation. Food is so essential to our well being not only the consumption but the processing of it. Eat drink and be merry ! Thanks for another awesome post , have a great day 🌻🙂

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      I’m still in love with cooking. Either I do it or I don’t eat – living alone. I also play music from Spotify on a Bluetooth speaker to break the silence. Thank you, Kathy, for visiting and commenting. Cheers. 🙂

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