The Puppy & Kitten Show


aka: Woo-Woo & Meow-Meow …  

Baby Boy – And – Pretty Girl.

An Impossibly Cute Shih Tzu And His Feline Tabby Step Sister.

… My Occasional Furry Dependents.



Raf Will Opt In For The Full Body, Neck & Head Message – Spa Treatment – No Appointment Necessary.

He’ll Be Expecting It The Moment I Set Foot Into His Foyer.

“Dropping To His Back, Belly Up.  Impressed, I’m Yours.  I’ll Work Him For As Long As He Wants To Be Spoiled And Caressed.”

Then It’ll Be Toy Time.  Play Fight.  And, He’ll Demand A Chewable Treat Like A Denta Stick Once He’s Finished Humiliating Me.



I’ll Be Permitted The Same Privileges That Her Older Canine Step Brother Expects Of Me …

She’ll Allow Me To Scratch Under Her Chin.  Behind Her Ears.  Down Her Neck.

She May Purr When I Pick Her Up.  Probably Not.  But, She’ll Lick My Face With Her Curried Tuna & Avocado Breath When I Say,

“Good Girl, Kiss.”



Pawing At My Leg … Needy … Shameless.

“Indignant That I’d Picked Her Up – The Cat – In His Brief Absence … I’ll Have To Wash And Sanitize If I Plan To Pet Him Again …”

I’ll Place Buf Gently Back On The Floor.  She’ll Cringe And Disinfect Every Patch Of Her Body With 150 Grit Sandpaper Tongue.  Then Walk Away Like We’d Never Met. 

Raf Will Look At Me With The “I Told You So” Puppy Dog Eyes.  Furry Subjugator.  Adorably Manipulative Is What He Is.


Image by Couleur from Pixabay

6 thoughts on “The Puppy & Kitten Show

  1. Writer of words

    Such a different yet similar experience when I visit Jerry the Airedale. I get mauled and humped and nipped and drooled on for the entire time I’m visiting my friend (his owner) which is why I never arrive without a bribe. 😉 Then he refuses to let me leave unless I put a leash on him and take him with me. 😄

    The cat description is very familiar as well. I had two, once upon a time… They ended up at my parents when the boyfriend moved in. (Not my choice…) 😐

    Do you get to take them for visitation at times? Or at least the pooch? Say for a weekend?

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      My old boss was a weasel shit, rat fucker named Jerry. That’s about the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about him.

      My favourite brother-in-law is a salt of the earth man named Gerry.

      Perhaps, changing the spelling of the Airedale’s name to begin with a G may have a similar effect on his behaviour.

      Is your old boyfriend still living with your parents?

      No, Raffi and Buffy stay at their castle full-time.


      Dogs should only hump other dogs, and only if invited.

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