“Happy As A Pig In Sh!t”

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Often enough I’d come to believe it didn’t take much in life to be happy.

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Lilacs She Loved


Fifteen Years On … Has It Been?

The Woman Deserved Better Than The Slight Hand Life Dealt Her From A Dirty Deck Played By Caddish Men.  The Grace Of God Touched Her Soul Long Ago A Fate Apropos, I Suppose, Befitting A Veiled Legacy These Few Words She Often Mused Unapologetically:

“Happy As A Pig In Shit.”

… Mom Loved Lilacs.


Image by Rihaij from Pixabay

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“Human beings have the ability to adapt.  We are curious.  We investigate, are driven to understand and learn.  We wanna influence, create and develop.  A life on pause – impossible. In case there are situations that are difficult to deal with, we are looking for a solution.  If we can’t find one, we are searching for a different way out. Sometimes we ask for help.  The life we are living is relying on the assumption, that there always is tomorrow and we will make it there.  Maybe it is the limit of life time, that makes life interesting and enjoyable.  How would life be like, if this limit would not exist?”

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Photo by Sovely Matters