Sanctity Of Humiliation


There Was A Time Maligned With Fear Not Long Ago That I Would’ve Struck Back – Harder And Harsher Than The Poor Offender – A Toll Of Retaliation Taxed On The Indignant Ignorant.

Respond With Anger.  Swiftly, Smartly.  Regrettably.

Hurt Would Follow The Guttural Shame.  Resonate Unkindly Within.  Darken A Gentle Soul.

“And, Pollute The Sanctuary Of My Calm In The Absence Of Love And Forgiveness.”


Would’ve Hurt Me, Not The Other.  For Truly, He Does Not Know What He Isn’t.  What He Could Be …   

So, I’ll Leave Quietly In My Time.  In Peace, Wisdom And Clarity.  Knowing There Is A Right And A Wrong, When There Is Harmony Restored.

I’ll Pay The Price; It’s Only Fair I Take The High Road Home.  I’ve Prayed To The Lord For You, Dear Sir.  Did I Do Good In This Test And Trust You’ve Given Me, Divine Father?

“Pride, Power And Privilege … Is The Gifted Curse, My Man.  Assumption – The Drink Of Fools, Yours To Keep … Sip Slowly, This One’s On Me.  So, Peace Be With You And In Your Heart …”

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

14 thoughts on “Sanctity Of Humiliation

  1. Finding a Sober Miracle

    I love the term “floating anger.” It’s that internal discontent that will attach itself to whatever circumstance or person happens to appear. It always starts with me, much as I used to think it was always someone else’s fault.


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