A Morning Like This …


I’m Still Clueless As To What Momentarily Possessed Me To Tap 3 Words Into Google

“Male Belly Dancers – Not – Male Ballet Dancers.”

I Did.  About 4.3 Million Search Results.  One Was Enough.

I’m Done.  Curiosity.  Quenched.



Okay, So A Couple Days Ago … 

I Was Waiting 90 Seconds For My Morning Oatmeal To Rest In The Pot.  After All, 1-1/2 Minutes Is An Unavoidable Eternity.  When There’s Beige Gluten Congealing To Near Coagulation.

“And, Just Because … Is The Only Palatable Reason Why A Non-Practicing Sapiosexual Male Would Ever Venture Outside His Hub Of Comfort Into The Un-See-Able Horror Show That Is Bare-Midriffed Dudes In Near Erotic, Full Pelvic Gyrations … Just Ew.”

To Set-The-Sitch, Spotify Was PlayingA Night Like This By Caro Emerald (and Grandmono Orchestra) On A Bluetooth Speaker In My Kitchen, Which If You Know The Song, It’s More Groovy-Jazz-Poppy Tango-y.  Give It A Listen.  Inspired By A Scene In Casino Royale (1967).  Bond, James Bond.



I’m A Frisky, Lively Enough Sort – And, I Was Alone (*) – No One’s Ever Watching Over Me In The Grotto … 

So, I Tossed In A Side Grinder.  Signature Shuffle.  Shimmy, Shimmy Shake & Bake.

“… Hip Twist, Booty Circle …”

And, La Danse Was All The Way On.  Cha-Cha Land, Darling.



Free-Stylin’ Is My Super Dance Power …

Lethal.  Illegal.  Banned By The Geneva Convention.

“Also, My Apology To Humankind And Culture.”

The Bastardization Of Cultural Dances Is Not A Victimless Crime.  People Do Get Hurt.  Twist Things, Cramp Up.



From My Great Uncle John’s Solo Polka Break-Out Moves … Dancing With A Shot Glass Of Rye Whiskey On His Bald Head And A Ring Of Polish Sausage (Kubasa/Kielbasa) Wrapped Around His Neck … Yeah, Deal With That On Holidays …

To My Niece, Studying For Her PhD in Dance Studies – It’s A Thing – A Doctor Of Dance?

“Then, There’s Me.  Shadow Dancing.  Kuched Up, Like James Bond Never Did.”

Carl V Was Not Impressed.  My Octo-Legged Roommate (*).


A Night Like This Songwriters: Vince Degiorgio, Jan P. K. Wieringen Van, David Schreurs
© Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Red Brick Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group


Image by Uli Ebner from Pixabay

26 thoughts on “A Morning Like This …

  1. Sovely Matters

    Michael, I love you for this one – I somehow absolutely enjoyed reading it. It put a big smile on my face. What a great way to start a day (in my case – finshing). You have a great Sunday! Lots of love from Germany, Sovely

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  2. Jim Borden

    I never heard of that song before, so I played the video – and loved it. And I’ll admit it got my toes tapping. But actually dancing to a song when it comes on the “radio” – I don’t see that ever happening. But I admire and am jealous of others that can do so!

    Perhaps you’ll be in your niece’s dissertation!

    And the image of your uncle – I’m sure that’s going to stick with you forever 🙂


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