Let’s Play Favorites


If You Care-To-Share, Pick And Post – Comment Below – Any One (Or More) Of The Following:    

  1. Your Favorite Fictional Character (Book or Film)?
  2. Your Favorite Travel Destination?
  3. Your Favorite Punctuation Mark?
  4. Your Favorite Toy(s) As A Child?
  5. Your Favorite Beverage?
  6. Your Favorite Color?
  7. Your Favorite Treat?
  8. Your Favorite Song?
  9. Your Favorite Food?
  10. Your Favorite Tool?



My Favs … 

  1. Duddy Kravitz (The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz by Mordecai Richler), Danny Ocean (Ocean’s Eleven)
  2. Jamaica
  3. Em Dash (–)
  4. Hot Wheels, G.I. Joe (Action Figure), Coloring Book
  5. Carbonated Mineral Water
  6. Purple
  7. Potato Chips (With A Side Bowl Of Heavenly Hash Ice Cream)
  8. My Sweet Lord (George Harrison)
  9. Oatmeal
  10. Pencil



Here … 





Image by Peggy Choucair from Pixabay

52 thoughts on “Let’s Play Favorites

  1. Cathy Flores Granert

    Ooh, I want to play:
    1. Right now it’s Kerry Greenwood’s Phrine Fisher, and Peter O-Donell’s Modesty Blaise
    2. Japan – I want to explore all the holes-in-the wall food places in Tokyo
    3. My default seems to be the !, and I have to restrain myself from !!!, but I love the word AMPERSAND &&& and all it’s possibilities.
    4. I had a beat up Raggedy Ann doll. Took her everywhere.
    5. Coffee – hot, creamy and strong.
    6. I’m drawn to red, but I do like it’s various shades, including fuschia. ;D
    7. Pie – most pies – raspberry & buttermilk stand out though.
    8. La Mer / Beyond the Sea
    9. Gosh, where to start. Katsu curry, sushi, Korean barbecue ribs and that general region of the world
    10. There’s something solid & straightforward about a good hammer, although a screwdriver’s subtlety works for me too.
    Cool, thanks for sharing! This was fun &&&!!! ;D

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  2. Alexandra A

    Most of my answers will be the same: any. But here are some I can answer interestingly.
    2. I hate to travel
    3. My fave punctuation mark is &
    4. A stuffed tiger that I called Cindy (short for Cinders) and still have – though she is beat the hell up.
    10. My favorite tool is a hand sander. It can do a lot.
    Love these ?’s 🙂 thanks

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  3. Shar

    1. Your Favorite Fictional Character (Book or Film)? Obviously Batman, the Christian Bale version and Dwight schrute he just makes me LOL
    2. Your Favorite Travel Destination? Idk yet, haven’t seen much of the world but if there’s history or beaches, I’m there 😍
    3. Your Favorite Punctuation Mark? !!!!
    4. Your Favorite Toy(s) As A Child? Stuffed animal-rabbit, it was the most dirty so assuming it was the most favored
    5. Your Favorite Beverage? Well now that I can’t drink coffee, I’d say mojito
    6. Your Favorite Color? Easy, blue
    7. Your Favorite Treat? I have a sweet tooth, cupcakes all the way… but French silk pie is amazing too 🙃
    8. Your Favorite Song? I don’t know if I have one, changes with every season
    9. Your Favorite Food? Italian
    10. Your Favorite Tool?… a power drill, don’t judge me lol,

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  4. authorlaurablog

    This is a fun post.
    1. Favorite Fictional Character – hard to narrow down, but Aliana, the main character in my book, is based on all the best qualities of my daughters and a few of my first graders.
    2. Favorite Travel Destinations – Chicago, Amsterdam, Florence
    3. Favorite Punctuation Mark? ‼️
    4. Favorite Toy(s) As A Child – I loved playing with trolls.
    5. Favorite Beverage – coffee
    6. Favorite Color – blue
    7. Favorite Treat – chocolate chip cookies
    8. Favorite Song – depends on my mood and what I’m doing.
    9. Favorite Food – bagels with lox and capers
    10. Your Favorite Tool – laptop.

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      So neat to have one of your own fictional characters – Aliana – as a favorite. I remember the Trolls dolls as a kid and always thought they looked odd but fun. Thanks for playing, Laura 😊🙏


  5. divinelybipolar

    1. Favorite Fictional Character: Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web
    2. Favorite Travel Destination: Anywhere there is sunshine and the ocean
    3. Favorite Punctuation Mark: Exclamation Point !!!!!
    4. Favorite Toy as a Child: Hula Hoop/Jump Rope
    5. Favorite Beverage: Fruity Martini
    6. Favorite Color: Sky Blue
    7. Favorite Treat: Ice Cream
    8. Favorite Song: Bring Me to Life by Evanescence
    9. Favorite Food: French Toast
    10. Favorite Tool: Makeup Brush

    This was fun 🙂 Always nice to get to know everyone better! Kindly – Tanya

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  6. Janet

    I would have to think for a bit, but oh my goodness My Sweet Lord. I used to LOVE that song. Even funnier, I was rummaging through my mom’s hall closet where she keeps things from the 1960’s on, and found an old pair of overalls I had with George Harrison embroidered on the pocket (by me). Ha-Ha! Wow, talk about a LONG time ago! I think you’re cheating with the sweet and salty there, you can only pick ONE. 😉


  7. gifted50

    Your Favorite Fictional Character (Book or Film)? — Too many to choose from.
    Your Favorite Travel Destination? — Have not been there yet!
    Your Favorite Punctuation Mark? Exclamation (it has gotten me in trouble at work)
    Your Favorite Toy(s) As A Child?— Sadly books.
    Your Favorite Beverage? — coffee
    Your Favorite Color?— no one specific color.
    Your Favorite Treat? — Ice cream (sadly I can no longer partake)
    Your Favorite Song?— That changes from time to time.
    Your Favorite Food?— Too many to choose from.
    Your Favorite Tool? — My phone (does that count?)


  8. JustBeingMe

    1. Tricky one – I think I have lots. Right now I’m going for Matilda (Ronald Dahl)
    2. Favourite so far maybe San Francisco or Croatia
    3. !
    4. Tiny tears doll called Melanie, my bike, art set
    5. Vino
    6. Purple (sometimes teal)
    7. Cashew nuts
    8. I don’t wanna miss a thing by Aerosmith
    9. Pasta and mushrooms
    10. Power screwdriver

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  9. Amber

    1. Stargirl from Jerry Spinelli’s YA novel, “Stargirl”. I need to re-read it.
    2. Costa Rica
    3. The ellipses… I possibly use it way too much?
    4. I don’t remember a specific toy, but as soon as I could write sentences I started journaling, so probably my journals/diaries. 5. Depends… coffee, Arnold Palmer, and Mexican Hot Chocolate, or trying something new
    6. Green
    7. A giant chocolate chip cookie- the size of a pizza… portioned out, of course
    8. This is hard for me… Depends on the mood, time of day, time of year… right now anything by “The Killers”.
    9. Baked or mashed potatoes
    10. I don’t think I have one…

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  10. Jim Borden

    Your Favorite Fictional Character (Book or Film)? The Count of Monte Cristo, Atticus Finch, or Don Quixote (sorry – too hard to narrow down!)
    Your Favorite Travel Destination? Hawaii
    Your Favorite Punctuation Mark? the ellipsis…
    Your Favorite Toy(s) As A Child? a ball or Matchbox cars
    Your Favorite Beverage? root beer
    Your Favorite Color? purple
    Your Favorite Treat? vegan baked goods
    Your Favorite Song? Thunder Road by Springsteen
    Your Favorite Food? burrito or acai bowl
    Your Favorite Tool? iPhone

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  11. Paula Light

    1. Archy McNally from the Lawrence Sanders books
    2. Northern California to see my eldest daughter and her hubby
    3. *
    4. Super Spirograph
    5. Hot tea
    6. Turquoise
    7. Cookies
    8. Hotel California
    9. Pasta
    10. Level

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  12. thegenxtravels

    1. Scout in “To Kill a Mockingbird”
    2. Greece
    3. Exclamation Point!!!! I like to make a point!
    4. Barbies
    5. Iced tea…unsweetened
    6. Red
    7. Cheesecake
    8. Depends on my mood!! “Best Day of My Life”, “Carey”, any type of hair band music.
    9. Thin crust pizza
    10. Is a sewing machine a tool? If not I like my cordless screwdriver.

    Fun post!!!

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      I like your choices. It’s been forever since I read “To Kill A Mockingbird.” Barbies, Cheesecake & Red … seem to be popular. I don’t know what I’m missing. Yes, I’d say a sowing machine is a tool. Thanks for playing favorites 😊🙏

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  13. cupcakecache

    1. Jack Reacher
    2. Cayman Islands.
    3. the period (ending)
    4. Paper doll from another country.
    5. coffee
    6. red
    7. fat bombs
    8. Viva La Vida (any version)
    9. French followed by Arabic cuisine
    10. A pen

    Thanks. It is always fun to talk about yourself! Ahem…

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  14. Writer of words

    1. Garp (The World According to Garp) Rick/Carol on TWD
    2. Gnosca via Zurich (a little town in Italian Switzerland in the mountains where we vacationed last summer)
    3. semi colon (only because I know how to use it correctly, and do, whereas few people do and therefore the poor punctuation is neglected)
    4. the great outdoors (but also any or all things colouring/writing/drawing)
    5. fizzy club soda with lime. Lemon acceptable in absence of lime. Add white or rose wine and frozen peach/raspberries for spritzer in summer.
    6. all shades of green except pastel. Especially outdoor greens like sage.
    7. depends…cheese with fruit or crackers, nuts, but also chocolate because chocolate (but not every day).
    8. This changes regularly. Lately, Day by Day (Doug and the Slugs), Better be good to me (Tina Turner), Try (Blue Rodeo)
    9. Mexican (authentic) followed closely by Syrian/Lebanese cuisine.
    10. I don’t have one…do I need one? Probably a knife of some sort…


    • Michael A. Kuch

      I like your confidence in grammar, Contessa of the Semi-Colon. And, so modest, too … 😎… I can’t live a day without a hyphen. I thought for sure you would’ve claimed Swiss Army Knife. Too obvious? Thanks for playing favorites, Claudette 😊🙏

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  15. sallyball8323

    This is a fun post !
    Purple is the colour of royalty !
    My favourite colour is aqua.
    My favourite travel destination is Israel.
    Favourite tool is my iPad, since it connects me to the world.
    Thanks, Michael. 🤗

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      Thanks for playing, Sally. Not sure why I’ve always liked purple, but yes it definitely is regal. I like pastels, too. Easter colours. I had a first generation iPad that quit on me years ago. I need to get another. 😊🙏

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  16. ashleyleia

    1) Elizabeth Bennet of Pride and Prejudice
    2) I don’t think I can narrow it down to one
    3) Umlaut (¨), just because it sounds fun
    4) My Little Ponies
    5) Tea for hot, lemonade for cold
    6) Blue
    7) Cheesecake for sweet, Hawkins Cheezies for salty
    8) I don’t think I have one
    9) cheeseburgers, preferably with bacon involved
    10) laptop

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  17. LA

    1. Elizabeth Bennett Pride and prejudice
    2. Bora bora was amazing
    4. Barbie dolls
    5. Tea
    6. Pink
    7. Mille crepe cake
    8.omg….depends on the minute, hour and day, but probably Freebird, bohemian rhapsody or stairway to heaven
    10. Eyelash curler

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