Touchy. Feely. Lovey.


That’s Me … Most Days.

It’s Been Awhile.  About 42 Days.  I Reckon It May Be Awhile Longer Before We See Most Days Again.

No Hugs.  No Shaking Hands.  No Squeezing.  

“Shadow Dancing … Is The Closest I Get To The Intimacy Of Human Touch These Days.  And, That’s Not Enough.  Because It Just Isn’t.  I Wasn’t Made For This … Bubble Living, Shrouded In Latex.  I’ll Even Take A Slap On The Ass.  With A Paddle, Slipper Or Fly Swatter.  Another Elective Colonoscopy … Only To Feel Something, Again.”

Image by bluebudgie from Pixabay

18 thoughts on “Touchy. Feely. Lovey.

  1. SpiritedSoul

    Yes a hug , a slap on the bottom🤣 I will skip on the finger😶 Anyways…a conversation with a friend on a patio drinking coffee outside. Yeah 🙆‍♀️ Some r missing a haircut or trim. Massaging on the scalp. It’s all coming soon. Dont give up Michael. Better days ahead 🌞

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