A Sign From God?


With A Happy Face Winking …  

I’ve Been Contemplating This Photo For About A Month.  It Was Taken By Photographer Brett Sayles On March 20, 2020.  Nine Days After Covid-19 Pandemic Was Announced By The World Health Organization.

Two Men.  Homeless?  Certainly, Not Angry (Here) At The World.

“And, What Appears To Be … God Bless! … Scribbled Out.”


I Don’t Know …  I Suppose It’s Easy If You Lie Try … Try, Try, Try … 

Perhaps, It’s Just Me.  Getting Mixed Signals.  Message Mumbled In My Mind, Frozen In My Heart.

My Sign (From Above):

“Without God, Aren’t We All Homeless?”


Photos by Brett Sayles from Pexels

24 thoughts on “A Sign From God?

  1. dpopbes

    They were indeed homeless. I took that photo in down town Boise, ID just after things started slowing down due to Covid-19. They were fun guys to chat with. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even notice that ‘God Bless’ was scribbled out… I love your post and without God, we’re worse than homeless; we’re lost and homeless. I’m thankful everyday that my King left the 99 and came looking for me.

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  2. Janet

    So true Michael! “Without God, Aren’t We All Homeless?” I’ve been there, in that homeless state. Not a good place. I really do wonder why they crossed out God Bless. Very weird. Curious.

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  3. theholodoc

    I don’t believe in God. At least not the kind that cares a fig about me. I have experienced “God, Transcendent, Cosmic, consciousness. It was all light, and I felt an all encompassing love. I converted to Judaism as the idea that God Is One fit my experience (nothing else ever even came close). Of course the idea that God is One (Adonai Echad) implies that each and every one of us, and all of our fellow DNA based creatures, and all of everything, and the spaces in-between, are also God. The photo gives life to this idea. Thanks, Dr. Bob

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  4. Jim Borden

    this picture raises so many questions:
    – did these guys just find the sign as is and think it was humorous?
    – did these guys find the sign and cross out the “god bless” part for some reason?
    – did these guys create the sign themselves, and then for some reason have a change of heart and later decide to cross out “god bless”

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  5. mbrazfieldm

    As long as we can love all life we house the spirit of God. Our flesh is just a temporary trial and our home is in the eternal light. Stay safe friend sending positivity and love your way xo

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  6. Michael A. Kuch

    “Surviving without God” is easy for non-Believers: existing without True Purpose In Life. John Lennon’s lyrics in “Imagine” may have summarized it best, though I think we may have misinterpreted it. God isn’t the problem. So, why blame Him if you don’t believe in Him? And, Religion isn’t helping much.


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