God & Whatnot


I’m Not Going To Ruin The Surprise … But, This Is Kind Of How It Went …    

I Prayed For It On Thursday.  Okay, I May’ve Mentioned It A Time-Or-Two Before In Our Previous Talks.  Him And I.

“Anyway, I Let God Know How I Really Felt About This, That And The Other Thing I’d Been Going On About …”

So, I Put It Out There For Him To Wrestle With For A Bit.



He Got Back To Me.  Express Check-Out, Really Now.  And, Y’all Thought He Only Worked Sunday Mornings … 

Delivered Tout de Suite.  Faster Than Amazon Prime.  He Had Exactly What I Needed.  Plenty Of Stock.

Love In.  Love Out.  How The Puppy Barks.

“Faith – Not Hope – Folks.”



Not So Fast, Slick … There Was Work To Do.  This Wasn’t A Hand-Out, Boo-Boo.  No Free-Loading Winning Lottery Ticket.

So, I Moseyed Into The Office Where Wet Blankets Are Laid Out Fresh Daily.  And, Hooked Up With The Molasses Posse.  It’s A Term Of Endearment.

Determined To Get Something Accomplished On A Friday.  So, What If It Took 4 Hours And A Half-Dozen Meetings, Conference Calls, And A Couple Sidebar Tête-à-Tête’s To Hammer Out A Solution That Would’ve Taken Me 12 Minutes If I Ran The Race Solo?

“It’s How We Do Things – Repeat Ad Nauseam – Until We’ve Said Exactly The Same Thing 14 Different Ways.  Nice And Slow.  Focus On The Latter.  We’re More Drift Mode Boulevard Cruisers Than Bust Out Of The Apex Go-Fast Racers Whenever A Consensus On The Obvious Is Required.”  



Then I Heard God’s Voice – This Is The Part Where You Don’t Roll Your Eyes And Continue Reading – Coming Out Of The Mouth Of A Number’s Guy Who Doesn’t Look A Damn Like Morgan Freeman.  Sitting Across From Me.  Covid Casual.

“How Did I Know It Was God Speaking?”

Because I’ve Heard God’s Voice – Whisper Loudly To Me – Many Times, I Can Hear Him Even When He Isn’t Speaking To Me.  That’s How.

His Tone.  There’s A Certain … Divinity To It.  He Ain’t Some Big Mystery.  Tough To Figure Out.  Sure, Keep Ignoring Him.  How’s That Worked Out So Far?  The Voice Spoke Of True Spirit.  And, I Saw A Light In Him – His Heart – Glow Through Beyond Spreadsheets.  Profits & Losses.  Numbers.



That’s God’s Business Right ThereWe The Peeps – The Statue Of Liberty: A Gift From The People Of France To The People Of The United States.  Way, Way Back When The World Pretended To Give A Shit About Such Things.  Still, The Nicest Gift One Country Has Ever Given Another Country.  Has Anyone Ever Thanked Les Misérables For “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité?”

And, This Bit Of Globalization UnGodliness We Tend To Ignore, Because We’re Addicted To The Consumption Of Cheap(er) Crap We Convince Ourselves Into Believing We Can’t Live Without …

Avaricious Men Breaking Cash.  Oppressive Hard-On’s Jonseing Over Profits At Any Expense.  Expense Is Code For Human Rights Getting Euthanized In Society.  Some Popular Choices Of Violations, For Example: Lack Of Political And Religious Freedom, Censorship of Media, One-Child Policy, The Social Status Of Tibetans.  I Like Tibetans.  The Dalai Lama, Especially.

“How-In-The-Fuckerdoodle Is Communism Still A Fashionable Ideology In 1949 1976 1989 1991 2020 … Say It Ain’t So … Mao, Mao, Mao …”



So, What Was Needed Yesterday?  Hurdle The Clichés.  And, Do The Right Thing.

Hey, Yeah, The Decision Also Made Sense For Business In The Long Term: Invest In People – Show Them There’s More To Work Than Work – That People Matter.  At An Impossibly Dire Time When Millions Are Without Jobs.  New Sales Have Virtually Halted.  Revenue Isn’t Flowing.

For Some Folks This May Resonate Deeply.  Perhaps, To Those Darlings Who Don’t Always Pay Attention To When I Groan On About My Beliefs And Faith – Despite Appearances Of Deflective Elevated Hypocrisy – Because I’m A Groaner.  The Least We Can Do Is Be Pre-emptive In Our Gratitude And Love …

“Thank God & Whatnot.”


Image by Oliver Koch from Pixabay

29 thoughts on “God & Whatnot

    • Michael A. Kuch

      Thank you 🙏 … Normally, yeah, my answers are slow to come. Then again, I tend to loiter in the wrong places looking for them. Not complaining. This last one seemed to have found a quick check-out.


  1. SpiritedSoul

    The world has pushed a RESET button of sorts.
    The pollution has slowed down due to seclusion. People r getting reacquainted with their “in the house” people or family.
    Sanitation is becoming a thing once ago
    And yes….communism at its finest yet again….it hadn’t gone anywhere really…just toned down a little so u wont notice it subconsciously

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  2. janieleeds

    And here’s the heart of the proclaimed numbers guy…I like that. Way back when I was a student, a teacher once made us learn the message on the State of Liberty – “Give me your tired, your poor. Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” Not all of us have forgotten the beautiful gift France gave to the US.

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  3. Jim Borden

    nice to know the numbers guy has a heart…
    as to globalization; if it’s only about finding the cheapest labor, then it’s a problem. but if it’s about bringing the world a bit closer and recognizing that we’re all in this together, then I’m a big fan…
    as always, thanks for making us think, and reflect…

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  4. Michael A. Kuch

    Absolutely, we’re mired in unpayable arrears. No arguments. But, for the next time … let’s pay it forward. Damn, if it’s not the grammar gestapo then it’s the semantics squad biting my butt 😳. Right, you are again, dear ba-hanrs. 😎🙏

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