Nothing Ever Changes


Over A Century Ago … 

Frightened Soldiers Went Off To Fight In The Great War.

“Like All Wars, Bad Men Stirred Up Shit.  The Powerful (And Cowardice) Sent The Innocent Young To Be Slaughtered In Foreign Lands.  They Died In Fields.”

… We Honor The Dead.  



A Few Weeks Ago … 

Frightened Folks Went Home In The Pandemic.

“Like All Times Of Confusion, We Stirred Up Shit.  The Weak, Miserable And Entitled Complain About Being Quarantined In The Comfort Of Family, Sofa And The Internet.  Watching Netflix.  Getting Pudgy Feasting On Starchy Carbs.”

… We Count The Dead.



In A Short While … 

No Longer Frightened Folks Will Gather After Global House Arrest Is Lifted.

“Like All Good Times, We’ll Stir Up Shit.  The Ignorant, Entitled And Ungrateful Will Complain About The Loss Of Freedom, The Economy, Privilege Interrupted … In The Comfort Of Family, Sofa And The Internet.  Watching Netflix.  Getting Pudgier Feasting On Starchy Carbs.”

… We’ll Forget The Dead.


Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay

25 thoughts on “Nothing Ever Changes

  1. Writer of words

    It’s posts like this one that tug at the heart strings that make me hesitate, or completely deny, posting my own self-absorbed posts. You are right of course. Even though I will flat out refuse to admit that I am part of the ‘we’ that forgets. I do not forget.

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      It’s in us all to change.

      If we haven’t evolved emotionally, spiritually, intellectually… throughout decades of being upright on this planet, when will it come if not now?

      Start with Awareness. Exorcise Ego. Exercise Love.

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  2. sallyball8323

    The picture is very inspiring, since poppies are very resilient flowers. They grow here, directly at the seaside, where many flowers cannot thrive, because of the salty air. The poppies return every year.
    Thanks, Michael. 🤗

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