Darn Tootin’


I’m Putting It Out There …   

Floating The Idea – Something Good Is Happening – Amongst The Loss, Pain And Death.

“Humanity Has Awakened.”

It’s Crying.  Screaming To Be Heard.  Life Will Go On With Or Without Us.



Good Folks Aren’t Giving Up … Bad Folks Are Breaking Good … Some Exceptions, Sure. 

Pulling It Together Across The Globe.

Obliterating The Divide Spawned By Politics, Race And Religion.  Putting Love Back In Their Hearts.  Showing It Everywhere Love Goes.

“So, Why Does It Take This Atrocity For Us To Get It?”


Image by Stuart Hampton from Pixabay

18 thoughts on “Darn Tootin’

  1. Janet

    This is so true. I do hold a bit of a yin and yang belief. Sometimes it takes darkness to see the light. Kind of a cliche but true. My whole life is a mini version of this. I can only do the wrong thing for so long before something terrible happens to bring me to a crashing halt!


    • Michael A. Kuch

      Global atrocities don’t always have a personal impact, not immediately. Famine in Africa, oppression in North Korea, etc … We know about these things, but we’re not living in the plight. Once something affects us directly as this does, and we’re threatened, it takes on an elevated meaning.


  2. Christina Kyranis

    Good post! Brings up some vital and good points about our current life. I think its human nature to self sabotage and I think desperate times calls for desperate measures. The universe had to to something drastic to get our attention. I believe this.

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