Amplify Our Love


Sharing Is Caring … 

Better To Give Than Receive.

Negativity Fast, Positivity Feast.

“… So, How’re We Gonna Feed The Love Famine With All This Goodness In The Air?”



Don’t Need To Be A One-Percenter … 

Buffet.  Walton.  Gates.

To Give A Bit.

“… A Buck A Day.  Feeds A Hungry Mouth.”



Good Samaritan, Mr. Bezos …  

He’s Donating $100 Million To Feeding America.

I Like Him … For Doing This.

“Chump Change Though … When There’s 37 Million Americans Living In Food-Insecure Households.  That’s Just Clever Talk For Saying 11 Million Children Go-To-Bed Hungry In The USA.”



Wherever You Are … 

That’s The Thing.

“We All Get Turns At Doing Good.  Making A Being The Difference.  Everyday.”

Here.  Now.  Later.



Just Saying, If You Need A Reminder … Damn, I Did, Once Upon A Time. 

To Help Feed Those Unable To Feed Themselves.

“Fighting Hunger Doesn’t Get A Day Off.  And, Neither Does Being Hungry.  Last I’ve Heard.  From What I’ve Seen.”

… Why Is That?



G’Head, Scribble It Down Now … 

A Few Bucks.  More Or Less.

Whatever You Can Give.  And, If You Can’t, God Bless, Friend.  Help Spread The Word.

“… Take A Big Red Sharpie And Circle The Date.  Fill It Out.  Smartphone Reminder.  Task Yourself To Do Good.  How’s That Feel?  Better Than A Full Stomach, I Know, Because That’s What This Is About, Folks … Filling Tummies.”



My Uppity Tabby & Adorable Shih Tzu.  Pretty Girl & Good Boy.  They Complete Me.

Privileged.  Loved.  Comfortable Lifestyle.  Retired Since Birth.  Big Toy Box & Cozy Day Beds.  Fresh Brita-Filtered Water.  Treats-On-Demand.  They Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way.

“Meow-Meow And Woof-Woof Are Fed A Scientific Diet Formulated For Optimal Feline And Canine Health, But Mostly, To Remove Money From My Wallet Every Month.  The Shit’s Expensive.  They’re Worth It.”

… Also, Despite All Their Innate Abilities – Sleeping, Playing, Eating, Dumping, Purring, Tail Wagging, Face-Licking Goodness – These Balls Of Furry Joy Can’t Feed Themselves.  But, Hey … No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem.  Everyone Gets Served.



Man On The Corner.  Mother In A Shelter.  Child …  What’s It Matter?

They Don’t Know Buffy And Raffi.  Imagine That, How Hungry Mind’s Think?  Kittens & Puppies.  Stomach’s Full.

Animals – Yeah, Pets, I Know – Pampered And Loved.  Buffet In A Bowl.  24/7 All-Inclusive.

“… Wouldn’t It Be Something.  Helping Our Brothers And Sisters.  Children & Babies, Too.”



You.  Too.  Can.

Feed A Soul.

“Amplify Love To The Highest Decibel.”

Same Time Every Month, Friend.  Let Me Know Your Plan.


Feed America 

Daily Bread Food Bank

Image by JL G from Pixabay

9 thoughts on “Amplify Our Love

  1. SpiritedSoul

    That is very sad information about the children that go to bed hungry
    If one doesnt feed its body it’s not going to work properly…for long
    And brain function will be at slower paces…
    What kind of generation will be produced living in those circumstances?
    Thank u Michael🙏 Very informative read my neighbor 🌞

    Liked by 1 person

    • Michael A. Kuch

      If we don’t take care of one another, especially the children … who will? The world is so divided and severed by the privileged and those that will never have. We only see small fragments of it here, but around the world countless millions go hungry, die of malnutrition… if we can’t feed the hungry, there is no hope humanity. Thank you for reading and believing 🙏


  2. Writer of words

    “Retired since birth” – that is brilliant! 🙂

    Look, I am SORRY with shouty caps that my guinea pigs are FAT with shouty caps. I am, however, not feeding them extra cost-worthy food. They are simply getting what otherwise would go into a container in the freezer to make veg broth with later. :p

    But. Point taken. There is real hunger out there, and, with the recent unemployment stats going up and up, there will be more.

    Thank you for the reminder. You are a good man with a huge heart. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Michael A. Kuch

      The furry ones know they’ve got it so good. But, they also deliver love unconditionally.

      Having fat pets is cruel. No judging. Just a fact.

      Appreciate your comments. Thank you. Wasted enough of my life helping myself. Long past due helping others.


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