The Fortunate One


I’m Going To Work Today … To An Empty Office. 

“A Place I Don’t Hate, But I’ll Never Love.”

It’s Not Mine.  I Don’t Own It.  I Pay Rent There.

… Trading Hours Of My Life Every Week – The Deal – I’ve Had Better, Much Better, And Far Less, I’ll Never Forget.



At The Entrance, Every Time I Cross The Threshold Into The Building, It Feels Like Penance. 

“I Leave It Outside.  At Home Where It’s Safe.  Buried In These Pages When The Words Come Out Right.”

I Give A Bit To God.  When I’m Good.  It’s Not Enough I Know, My Lord.

… The Rest Spills Out – The Truth Short, A Day Late – As I Confess.



Good Friday …

I’ll Be Home.  Not Alone.

“I’ll Spend Some Time With His Son.  And, So I Pray … Reunited With My Own.”

… In Worship.  I’m Blessed.  The Fortunate One.


Image by Annca from Pixabay

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