Hey, What’re You Doing Later?


As The Mores Of A Fresh Global Awakening Are Revealed … 

Neophyte Humanity Has Some Growing Up To Do.  And, Some Explaining.

“What’s Tomorrow Mean To You: Just Another Numbed Down Day In Purgatory Or Paradise?”

Elevating Love To Higher Ground?  About The Same.  Keep It Lame.  Shame, Shame, Shame?



God In The Bible … Stashed Away In A Bankers Box … A Dark Secret Buried In The Closet?

“Gonna Let ‘The Jean Genie’ Outta The Dirty Bottle?”

Climb Machu Picchu,

… Just To Hear Pokémon Pikachu Whiffling Baby Chimes In The Wind?



Push-Push In The Bush … When Disco Was Queen Of The Dance Floor.   

“… Lord, Take Me Downtown, I’m Just Lookin’ For Some Tush …”

Chillin’ By The Pool.  Playing The Alpha Fool.  Packing Speedo Tool … Thonging The Goody Trail.

… High, High, High … Mushing Sweet On The Honey Pot.



Writing The Words Of The Wise …    

Blurring It Together.  Truth-Scripting.  Cryptic Soul-Searching Veneer?

“Less You.  More Them, Is It Now … All About The Others?”

… Loving-Not-Hating, The Poor Bitches And Bastards, We Call Sisters And Brothers.

Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

The Jean GenieSongwriter: David Bowie.  © BMG Rights Management, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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    • Michael A. Kuch

      Cute little dogs are infectious with their energy, love and companionship. They give us so much that we tend not to give and share with others. Yes, a bit of humour, no matter how bent or off, helps to cope and relieve and anxiety. Thanks, Sally 😊🙏

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