Hunky Dory, Hoss


I Got To Thinking About All Y’alleseses – Blogger Darlings – During My Self Exile In Pre-Purgatory Last Week … 

Lots Of Cool Folks.  Nestled On The Other Side Of The Fence.  Self-Isolating Under Casa Biosphere. 

Sofa Taters.  Netflixated.  Carb Loading.

… Lovable Lonesome Doves Separated From The Flock.



A Bunch Of Kind Souls Reaching Out …      

“Bloggers Get Humanity Without Being Asked.  Hip Tribe Of Givers.  Not Like Those Whorish Cannibals Hoarding Crates Of 2-Ply Bleached Tree Bark.”

Goodwill.  No Hunting Required.  Sharing & Caring Is What Bloggers Do When No One’s Watching.

… How’re Y’all Coping, Dubya Peeps?



If You Ask Me – And, Please Do – I’m Not A Loner … I Do Alone Time Well … In-My-Skin Kind Of Happy.  Which Is Not To Say, I Wouldn’t Mind Doing A Spin Cycle In Solitary Confinement In Sing Sing Correctional.  Orange Isn’t My Color, Bub.

“Chillaxin’ Is My Everyday Life Thing – Served à la Mode – How I’m Dialed In.  I Always Swipe Right, Or Is It Left?  Anyway, Think Of Me As A Swiffer Mop … Doesn’t Take Much Effort.  I’m Doing It Now – As I Write – And, You Probably Didn’t Notice.  There, I Just Did It Again: Sipping Espresso From A Small Yellow Cup.”    

I’m A Social Creature.  Adaptable.  Surviving.  Just Like Mr. Darwin Said.  Okay, Relax Chuck, God Will Take It From Here.  

Genuinely Compatible With One’s Self.  All-By-Myself.  Voilà-Di-Frickin-Da.



“… Hey, It Wasn’t The Apocalypse After All Party …” 

Yeah, You Do, Really.  And, No, It’s Not Too Soon … Though I Wouldn’t Be Setting A Date Or Blasting Out eVites Because That’s Just Wrong, Adolph.  Still, I’m Your Guy ®

Anyway, I’m Clearing My Calendar For 2020 2021.  If You Need To Fill A Spot At The Table.  Or, Get Stuck For A Last Minute Plus-One To Add Some Fun?  I’m Like A Collector’s Tin Of Premium Mixed Nuts At Christmas: Gettin’ A Bit Of Everything: 

“Macadamia: Not-Quite-Shy Extrovert?  Pistachio: Just-Shy-Of-Gregarious Introvert?  Walnut: Did He Just Break My Lampshade?  Peanut: Who Invited Him?  Cashew: When Is He Leaving?  Brazil Nut: No He Ditten Just Double Dip In The Guac?”  


Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

18 thoughts on “Hunky Dory, Hoss

  1. Writer of words

    “You describing himself” – this is the kind of errors I make when there are distractions happening behind me. Because initially I wrote “he’s describing himself” then changed it to “you describing” and kept “himself” instead of typing “yourself” and anyway that’s it. I’ve finally lost it.

    If you’re able to follow all this, you’re more alert than I am. lol

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  2. Jim Borden

    you sound like the life of the party, I’m always jealous of you guys. me – I’m the guy looking for an excuse to leave as soon as we get somewhere…
    what we have in common – we do alone time well…

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