Humanity, Interrupted


In Our Souls … On The One Day It Counted …

“As North America Collectively Shit The Continental Bed, And Showed Its Filthy Fat Ass To The World This Week … Got Its Hate On … While Beautiful Italians Sang Joyfully, Isolated In Quarantine From Their Balconies …”

We Scrambled En Masse.  To The Local Piggly Wiggly Supermarket.  To Hoard Rolls Of 2-Ply Perforated Tree Bark

Of Course, This Was The Exact Solution To Ignorance, Greed And Fear In The Absence Of Faith.



About The Dirty Bug And Its Constituents Of Hoarding Whores

… Are Those Adorable Piranhas-Of-The-Pandemic – Freshly Self-Coronated As King & Queen Weasel Shits Responsible For Usurping The Supply Chain Of Ass Wipe:

“Sheepeople In Wolves Clothing … Damn, I Really Didn’t Think We’d Turn To Neo-Cannibalism When The Dairy Section Dried Up.”

How Conveniently And Expeditiously We Turned To Ugly?



Is God … Its Always Him …    

If We’re Not Ignoring Him, We’re Blaming Him.  Dumping On Him.  Pushing Him To The Back Of The Line.

“As If He Wasn’t There … Watching … Listening …”

The Lost Souls Of Armageddon: The Prequel:  When We Lost Our Minds, We Relegated The Holy Father To The Bench … Then Scratched Our Heads About What To Pilfer, Instead Of Opening Our Hearts On What To Share.



Humanity Lost Round One … 

Its Wasn’t Even Close, Folks.  We Tanked In The Dress Rehearsal For The Apocalypse.

“We Adlibbed: Subbed In Hate When We Forgot How To Love … Abdicated Our Souls For Momentary Delusion Of Comfort And Security.”

A Pack Of Carnivorous Hyaenas When The Shelves Went Bare.  My Apologies To Real Hyenas In The Serengeti.  My Advice: Run, My Darlings … Your Appetite For Survival Is Weak Next To The Ravenous Man With A Selfish Plan.    


Image by Sumanley xulx from Pixabay

23 thoughts on “Humanity, Interrupted

  1. alaskamanspeaks

    Well, Michael, first thanks for reading my posts, I sure enjoy yours, satire is the way to go! A short while ago we had a million + of our precious children take to the streets, crying out; “The World is on Fire, we want you to take Action, the time for words is past.” It went right over our leaders heads; “Go home and shut up, you brats.” that was their answer…..So, now Mother Earth has put her word in using a tiny, invisible Virus, one of her favorite tools. “Sic em Boy” She said, and with that little bug she has basically shut this whole planet down, is She cool or what? Wow! how much cleaner is the air we have to breath, with all those cars and airplanes parked, the factories closed, the “Consumers” sitting home, drinking beer…..It breaks my heart tho to see the Big A, still raking in the big bucks, well one cannot have everything I guess……Keep on Trucking Bro……

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  2. Self Empowerment Lifecoach

    So true Michael. I was stunned on Friday when I went to pick up just some water, empty aisles everywhere. It hit hysteria when Trump announced the global pandemic. Here, in Florida, no one was behaving irrationally prior to announcement.

    Anyhow, I heading back North in less than two weeks. Yes, I heard there’s hoarding up there but not much I can do. God will restock.

    If no toilet paper, umm there’s washcloths. Afterall, cloth diapers were the thing b4 disposable pampers. It’s called improvisation 😁😂👍🙏

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      I hope this insanity hasn’t ruined a moment of your time in Florida.

      We think alike: I’m pretty sure I once wore a chunky cloth diaper back in the day. I was probably pricked by a big safety pin, too. We survived.

      I’m dealing with a manageable amount of near hysteria and irrationality at work, which is inescapable. I’ve sent one person home – came in hacking – and, another is pending self isolation as a precaution.

      Be well. Safe travels back, Emma. 🙂

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    • Self Empowerment Lifecoach

      Yeah, well I was hoping to see a theme park with my family but they all closed doors because of virus. Kids are on spring break with another additional week to stay home.

      I was hoping things would be more festive b4 moving back to Chicago. I hate the humidity…

      Take care and don’t stress yourself out with irresponsible employees. Just keep sending their asses home.😁🙏✊

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      Wow, disappointing, for all.

      Chicago’s a cool city. I’ve been a few times for business. Like it a lot. I’m sure you miss it.

      The Canadian Prime Minister announced the border is being closed today, so we’re in semi lockdown mode for at least 2 weeks. I could use the time off to do nothing, but my work hasn’t committed to closing yet.

      One ass left willing today 😎🙏

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  3. Writer of words

    Have you been to Paris? To the Louvre? I went and saw the Mona Lisa and it is tiny…I mean, I knew it was small, but when you see it in person it’s quite surprising. Naturally, she does not have a mask on in normal times. 😛

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      Well, I definitely failed the non-judging part … giving is the easiest thing in the world … you just let go. Greed, hate, selfishness … that takes effort and energy. I’m lazy, which makes loving easy 💕

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