My Love, Always


On The Planet – To Keep Your Skinny/Fat/Pretty Ass Wiped And Daisy Fresh – To Last Through An Apocalypse … 

So, To All You Hoarding Whores, Kindly Return To Your Fucking Senses.  Be Considerate, Cognizant And Caring.  The World’s Going Bat Shit At The Moment, And You’re Not Helping By Being A Dick.

Please, Refrain From Early Admittance To Schmuckdom.  There’ll Be Plenty Of Time To Be An Irresponsible Idiot Once This Bug Is Cleaned Up.  Also, Practice Eating Less.

“Grazie, Darlings.”

Photo by Řaj Vaishnaw From Pexels

18 thoughts on “My Love, Always

  1. Janet

    Isn’t weird how TP was kind of singled out. I could think of a million things I’d rather stick up on if I thought I’d be locked in. Water too here. My mom was like… don’t they realize they can still use the sink? If water supply was shut off probably wouldn’t need toilet paper either. Ewww.

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  2. glitzyritzymommy

    🤣🤣🤣 Love this S…first time today I laughed about this worlds crazy Infatuation with toilet paper…went to two stores today…found about one pack of toilet paper…felt like a thief grabbed and hid it tight under my arm praying noone would grab it from me
    Sad state of affairs.. Here were also lacking in paper towels among can foods the store shelves are bare the workers are working extra hard to put more things out and it’s like a circus event…grab the popcorn and watch the crazy…honestly it is serious but the toilet paper issue is crazy… We all need a bidet 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 did I spell that right lol

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      Unbelievable, B … but the same nonsense is percolating up north. Canadians, locally, at least, are grabbing whatever they can from the shelves. I’m not sweating this stuff. I refuse to overstock and hoard anything when others have none and countless others are suffering. Once my current supply runs out – 9 rolls – I’m going Old School / Prehistoric… Leaves, bark, fern, moss … squirrel or neighbourhood stray cat … something from nature or soft and furry is touching my pretty ass. Yes, that’s the proper spelling of Bidet. Basically, a water fountain for butts. 😳🙏


    • glitzyritzymommy

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 okay I am still laughing and laughing even more…yes I knew what it meant the bidet wasn’t sure when writing so fast if I was accurate on the spelling….just curious will they sell out too???

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      Bidets use to be more common up here in new homes back in the 80s. Not so sure anymore. It’s essentially the same as installing another toilet, so there’s another couple water lines and drains to plumb in. Big job.


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