Nurse Smiley’s Poker Face


Way, Way Back In I Was Poked By Three … The Second Post On Kuched.

We’ve Got A Play Date This Morning.

“We’re Being Chaperoned By My Doctor.  They’re Sharing Duties On My Annual Physical.  Me, The Uncomfortable, Passive-Submissive Volunteer.”

A Medical Ménage à Trois Of Sorts.



Involved With Probing My Anus … So, It Won’t Be All Fun & Games … 

I’m Concerned About The Lube Being Off-Brand And Not Up To Proper Clinical Standards For Winter Inspections.

Its All About Viscosity: Reducing Frictional Force And Heat Generation.  The Presence Of Grit, Naturally, Is Heightened At Such Times.

Plus, My Body Core Is Slightly Chilled, So I May Need To Limber Up To Loosen Up Before I Hear The Snap Of Latex – And The Narrative, Whistle, Humming Of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face … Mum-mum-mum-mah … In My Ear.  Doctor Speak.  Sweet Nothings.



Is Amplified By My Doctor’s Dumb Jokes

About Getting His Rings Resized.

“Big Knuckles, Doc.”

It’s Not Funny.  Really, It Isn’t.  Please Get Some New Material.  I Can Help.



I’m Hopeful Nurse Smiley Will Be Using A Proper Extractor … Like, A Syringe This Time.

“And, Not Her Fangs Like The Last Tango-A-Go-Go When She Filled A Six-Pack Of Lab Vials.”

Who The Hell Is She Feeding Back Home In Her Vampiress Lair? 

… Is Vlad Coming Over For Dinner?



Of Fasting … No Probs Skipping My Breakfast Bowl Of Oatmeal, Flax, Chia, Hemp And Pepita Seeds.

“Going Without Morning Coffee?  Cranky.  Miserable.  Prickly.”

I Couldn’t Even Look At My Bialetti Espresso Maker Sitting On The Stove.  How I Wanted To Hold Her … Feel Her Hour Glass Vessel Heat Up.  Percolate My Senses To Life.

“I’m Fidgety.  Contemplative.  Regretting, That I Didn’t Get My Doctor A Gift Card For A Mum-Mum-Mum-Mah Manicure Last Christmas.”


Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

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