Divine Company


Sad, Really … 

Is The Lack Of Quality Noise.  Familiar Voices.  Laughter And Audible Love Of Lovable Others.

“It’s Too Damn Quiet.”

… Most Of The Time.



I’m Alive And Kicking Twice A Day … 

Though My Grottofied Casa Must Be Well Insulated Because I’ve Never Heard A Complaint (I’ve Asked When Paths Converge On The Street)

About Playing My Music Too Bloody Loud – “We Can’t Hear A Thing” – So, Polite They Chirp In An Empathetic Note I Don’t Mistake.

“Could Be My Spotify Curated Play Lists Are A Can’t Resist Righteously Wicked Mash-Up Of Old School Rock And Funky Grooves, Soul And R&B …”



I’ll Never Get Use To Eating Alone … I Don’t Ever Want To Be Comfortable With Noshing Solo …  

“Nah, I Don’t Like It One Bit.  Not A Single Bite.  Good Food, However Delish And Healthy, Is Hard-To-Swallow In The Shadows Of Loneliness.”

I’m A Happy-Go-Lucky Prepper.  Getting My Mise en Place On.  A Dandy Sous Chef.  Singin’ & Jivin’ … Choppin’ & Grillin’ … 

Yet, When It Comes Time To Flop My Tender Ass On A Kitchen Chair, Its Unbearable … Looking At Empty Spots Staring Me Down Around The Table.



I Get Through It …    

“Dinner’s Are The Worst.  Still Not Easy.  Four Year’s In.”

Squatting In Front Of The TV Isn’t Really My Thing With Fork & Knife

… Makes For A Sad Little Life.



Lean Back Into The Counter … 

Like The World’s On My Plate.  Realize It Ain’t So Bad.  My Sanctuary.

“The Roof Over My Head Is Cozy And Rosy.  I Can’t Complain.  It’s More Than I Need.”

… So, When I’m Feeling Forsaken, I Know He’s Got Me Covered And God Almighty Divine Company.


Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas from Pexels

21 thoughts on “Divine Company

  1. Jim Borden

    I think I know what you mean. Just this morning, my wife and I were at the corner cafe getting our daily cup of tea, and the place was just buzzing with the noise of people coming and going. I remarked to my wife how I much prefer such a setting as compared to a quiet cottage by a lake. To me, there is comfort in having others around, even if you are not in direct contact with them.

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  2. Janet

    Love it. I spent maybe 6 months living alone no more kids with me, and let the boyfriend go so I could be wild and free. Nearly killed me. I thought I would never get used to living with my mom but it finally hit me that it really was the constant solitude that was doing me in. I think like anything it needs balance. Like plenty visits from the kids maybe. 😄 but yeah at meal time it feels lonely alone.

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  3. Letitgocoach

    I make it an event. Even when my daughter’s not here, I set the table completely, as if I’m a special guest. A vase of flowers and light the candles, because just like glitzyritzymommy said, God is working behind the scenes. I’m not going to be eating solo forever, so this time alone is sacred.

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  4. Writer of words

    Isn’t it interesting how someone like me, drowning in constant noise and activity (some of it not particularly pleasant) continually strives for silence and solitude?

    I am keenly aware that this wish is a short term solution though. I experience it occasionally, perhaps twice a year over a long weekend or a short week, and the complete stillness and alone-ness charges my batteries. But longer term? After a while, I get all twitchy. When are they back? 😉

    We humans are a social creature, even the most introverted of us. Especially during meal prep and eating.

    I understand.

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      It was nearly unbearable for the first year. Felt like a stranger in my own home. It didn’t feel like home. Biggest adjustment in my life.

      Slowly, it’s gotten better. I do appreciate the quiet and peacefulness. The early morning and late night solitude.

      It’s the quietest of times, which I find unsettling.

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