Giddy Up, Buttercup!


The Order Of The Past 12 Hours … 

Um, Eat Pray Lovish.

“A Trifecta Of Self Love That Never Lets Me Down …”

On The Path To Giddy Up, Buttercup!



Essentially, Getting Up & Off My Slick Ass To Do Something About It – I’m It – It’s Me …  

“Chat It Out With God … Pronto, Tonto.”

Check – We Caught Up Yesterday And For A Bit This Morning – Silent Prayers, Mostly.  No Need To Shout.  He’s Listening.

His Answers Came Swiftly Being A Saturday And Whatnot, While I Smartly Avoided Sunday’s Log Jams Of Recanted Hypocrisy At Confessional.  My Choice.  Skip The Lines And The Middle Man.  Been Doing It For Years.  Blasphemous, Not.  Jusaying, I Don’t See The Need For An Interpreter Or Permission Or An Appointment To Speak With Him …  



I’m Not A Big Sleeper … At Best, A Lean Half-Dozen Hours On Good Nights, Often Far Less … I Don’t Need Much To Do Cartwheels Outta Bed.

“So, Should I Feel Guilty About Dropping Slumbery Zzzzzzz’s For 10 Hours?”

I Flopped Down For A Love Nap @ 6 Post Meridiem

And, Woke Up ‘Bright-Eyed & Bushy-Tailed’ Fresh-As-Freddy @ 4 Ante Meridiem 



A Doppio Of Crema e Gusto … 

“Is All It Takes To Realign Me Back To My Mickish Selfdom.”

Before And After A Tall Glass Of Chilled Britafied Aqua.

Water And Espresso … L’Amore e Bello.



Yesterday’s Post – Time To Make A Move? – Seems I Got My Punctuation Wrong.

“Dump The ? And Replace With An ! …”

Simple.  Definitive.  Committed.

Is What I Did After Tapping Publish … And A Subtle Hint From A New Blogger Friend … Grazie.  Better Now.

Image by Bhakti Iyata from Pixabay

12 thoughts on “Giddy Up, Buttercup!

    • Michael A. Kuch

      I realize I’m a “bit much” occasionally. All over the map in thought and execution. Random, erratic, peculiar… God is omnipresent. Not He sure always approves. Read a bit of your wickedness. Nice job bundling.


  1. Janet

    Great post Michael. I missed this earlier. So… are you saying you “are” moving on? Done deal? That’s a brave move. I love it when you bring God into your schtick! You do a great job… so natural. Sincere. Awesome. 😘❤


  2. janieleeds

    I cut out the middle man awhile ago too. Direct communication was already there and now I realize it. I feel better for it even if in some eyes, it’s not the way I was taught. But then again, I’m Authentically me and at this age I can choose…and I choose quiet directness and He is listening and He does answer. Good for you Michael! ♥

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