Time To Make A Move?


This Last Stance Has Lost Its Romance, And Left Me In A Perfunctory Funk … Sans The ‘Delic … Of Undanceable Beats.

Not The Mojo Juice I Was Looking To Squeeze Out Of Act III And – More Than A Glitchy-Glitch Line On My Curriculum Vitae.

Two Years In, I’m Searching For Answers.  Not Crickets Chirping Or Gryllidae Burping.  Asking, My Inner Mick:

“Hey, Slick, Where’d The Love Of Life Go?”



A Calculated Risk … Something New …  

“Perhaps, I Had The Formula Wrong Here.  Hell, Its Worked Before.  Carve Out A Slice Of Happy.  Make A Big Splash Without The Schtick.  Success Isn’t A Mystery.  Hard Work & Smarts Have Been Around Awhile.”

My Trajectory Is Vertically-Inclined By Design  Meh-be, Forty-Five-ish Degrees, But Up Is Still Up.  Okay, A Couple Soft Laterals And Hard Bumps And Cool Slaps Along The Path.  Bouncey, Bounce My Ass … I Always Got Up And Kicked It Until I Licked It …

… I’m Not Comfortable With Flat Lines.  Spikes & Dips … Are Part Of The Giggity Of Life.  Corners Are For Turning, Not Stalling By The Curb.  Ends Of Roads?  With Forks: Right Or Wrong, I’ll Take One.



I Can’t Change The Unchangeable … I’ll Bet On Self Because That’s Not Gambling … Throwing It All In … 

But, The Culture Of Blame Is Not My Game.  Every Damned Day Groundhogged – Numbed – By The Sameness.  Color It Dark Days Of Fiery Beige.

“Some Folks Behaving Badly.  Not Knowing They Do.  Unaware Their Dirty Diapers Is My Nasty Load To Clean.  Beyond The Negativity … Mitigating Lies Masquerading As Truth.  Mouths Spewing Toxicity.  Nah, More.”

There’s Good People, Too.  Special Folks.  Their Comradery Is Appreciated And Reciprocated.  But Friendship I’ve Got Plenty … Not Enough To Keep Me Idling In Limbo Keeping Fine Company.  I’ll Be In Purgatory Soon Enough …



A Tsunami Of A Bottomless Work Load.  Tired From Losing.  Uninspired From Being Tired.

Yes, The Structure Is Flawed.  As It Is Nearly Everywhere.  Perfectly Imperfect Like Life And All Of Us.

“Adapt Or Flee … Isn’t A Solution To … That’s The Way It’s Always Been And Never Going To Change Mantra.”

Correctible – As In No, Sir – It’s Never Going To Happen Kind Of Way.  That Ain’t Okay.



Fulfilled By The Process … 

“Being Part Of The Solution.  Integral.  Purposeful.”

When A Good Plan Got You There.

… The End Result Was All About … The Feel Good Sensation.  Done Good.  Let’s Do Good, Again.



Except When It Is … And, Yes It Is … 

So, Maybe It’s Just That.  Working For Half (Again) This Year.  When The Cake Dries Up.  And, The Old Kick In The Ass – Does A Quick Round House – To A Swift Kick In The Cojones.

“Not Feeling The Love, Padre.  When I’m Giving The Love … Of Commitment, Time, Intellect, Resourcefulness …  Any Idea What A Pound Of Flesh And Dignity Go For These Days?”

When The Satisfaction Dies, And All That Remains On The Plate Of Discontent Is A Stressed-Covered Sloppy Mess That Can’t Be Fixed … My Appetite Fades To Fasting On Memories Of What Was And Dreams Of What’s To Come.



Going Into The Office … 

To Complete Monthly Reports About The Same Old.  Nothing But The Numbers Change.  It’s Not Enough To Sustain Me.

“I Know I’m Done … When I’m Undone.”

… Wow, Now, You Still Have A Place Of Employ, My Darling.



To Saving The World … 

From Myself.  It Makes Sense To Me.  I’ve Done It Before.

“Life Was Fun Back In The Day.”

… Not So Long Ago.


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

25 thoughts on “Time To Make A Move?

  1. LaShawn Uchenna Ani

    Change is constant, I have always wanted to stay on any job for at least 10 years however, I have been laid off or sought better opportunity. I agree with what you said in the comments “Stay invested in True Self and God” God does things for us that we can’t do for ourself. So each time God says it’s time to leave a job I trust my intuition and I’m out.. Peace and Blessings to you !

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  2. Janet

    Wow this was awesome and very relatable. 14 years in 1 particular office and the work I did felt so urgent… so important. And then is wasn’t. Looking back…wow… not sure how I stayed so long. Oh yeah, for the money. 🤑

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  3. Self Empowerment Lifecoach

    Yup Michael, time is all we got. So sometimes things aren’t shining as bright as we’d like but I learnt that the space we occupy is devine intervention. Our inner self lets us know when it’s time to keep trucking forward.😁

    On that note, time to juice up the drugs, my discs are on fire…must be a cold virus that snuck in while I was busy living life. 😂💃

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      So True, Emma. I know when I’ve given everything I have in me and nothing good is coming out, it’s time to say adios and be better somewhere else.

      Poor thing … just reading the word “disc” … makes me wince.

      Get well and tell the cold to screw off. It’s be slumbering around me most of the winter. 😎🙏

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      Fluidity in life – ability to adapt, respond, grow – is a hallmark trait. There’s a trace of Nomad in my career, which I’ve missed. Settling for what’s given or just how it is for the sake of complacency is a tough pill for me. No regrets. I’ve learned much.

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