Libido, Insolence & Nonsense


Started With Me Being 20-Minutes Late For My Doctor’s Appointment …

“Um, For A Re-Fill Prescription Of ‘Happy’.  Can We Please Leave It There?  Everything’s Fine, Thanks.  Especially, My Libido, Which I’m Quizzed About Every Visit By The Good Doc As Though My Answers Are Ever Going To Change, Right?  Abstinence Is A Choice.”

Which Also Got Me Thinking (Unrelated, Wandering Mind About A Netflix Docuseries): About Belushi’s – aka: Speedball – Lethal Street Drug Combination Of Cocaine & Heroin – On The Snowy, Jammed Up Morning Drive To His Office.

My Annual Physical Is Another 11 Days Away Due To A Scheduling Glitch – Evidently Doctor’s Take Vacations In The Caribbean And Come Home With Nice Tans And Looking Richer And Rested – And, Also, I Was Waiting For A Mild Spell To Warm The Core Before De-Robing For The Next Complimentary Latex Reach-Around And Under Carriage Hook-Up.



I Know That’s Not Nice Using The ‘Ph’ Slants – And, Yes, I’d Promised To Temper My Rants – But I Don’t Tolerate Gross Insubordination Well … Though Some Misguided Souls Have Fooled Themselves, Trumped Up With Elevated Self-Worth – B!tchy Bravado – When Challenging Me About Things They’re Wrong About.  Self-Respect Much?

Despite, My Ample Warning Signs: There It Was Rearing Its Sullen Ugliness Ignorance For A Good Part Of The Day And Intermittently Throughout This Week.

Being Challenged.  Idle Threats?  Calling Bullshit.

“Let Me Know How That Works Out, Darling?”



And, How About The Business Event I Couldn’t Dodge Last Night?

Partially Usurped By The Yappy Sales Dude – Let’s Call Him Archie – With The Beady-Barely-There Dark Eyes Hovering On The Racoonish Side Of Predator Creepy.

I Get Old School Smarmy, But Kindly Keep Your Pointy Fingers In Your Pockets And Blow Less When Hurling Redundant Sales Pitchy Soliloquy’s My Way.

“Because Really, I’m Just Here For The Not-Even-Close-To-Vegan Charcuterie, Company Swag Bag And The One Crisp Heineken I’d Promised My Throat (Disappointingly Served In A Whisky Lowball Glass?)”



Sans Insolence … 

Full Of Fun Nonsense

“And Getting Your Libido …”

… The Work Out It Deserves.


Image by TheUjulala from Pixabay

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  1. charlypriest

    Your writing is geniously weird, and I´m trying to rhyme on of your senteces, and you writing is also enjoyable to read, quite obvious if not I was out, Not much to tell you Mr. Kuch, a bit high I might be …. apart from that dummy slip.
    It is truly is a enjoyable read.

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