Guru Side Hustle


For A Couple Near Blissful Hours Yesterday … 

“… Self-Anointed The Titular Role Of Turtlenecked Guru To My Darlings …”

Excited As Ever, To Play Host To A Dozen Mostly Enthusiastic And Far-Too-Inquisitive, All-The-Way Jacked-Up On Skittles And Fiji Water Millennials – ‘Lennials / ‘LenniesFrom A Toronto Interior Design School.

… The First Of Four Such Events I’ve Been Poked – As An Under Compensated, But Adorably Compliant Corporate Shrill – To Hold Over The Next Three Weeks At My Wonderful Work Domicile. 



Stepping Off The Soapbox … Because Blowing Hard With Company Propaganda On ‘Lennials … Is A Kill Joy. 

Nope.  No One But The Merde-Nosed Sycophants – Who Knew Skittles Made Brown One’s? – Hovering Up Front Wanted To Hear Any Schlock.

So, I Summonsed Up My Inner Spin Talk / This Ain’t TEDTalks / Yapperdoodle Mouth For 120 Minutes.

… Meaning, I’d Planned To Ask The Questions.  Get The Herd Involved.  Smarty Pants Lennie’s – I’ve Learned The Easy Way – Love Talking About Themselves. 



Yeah, I Know It’s A Bit Elevated Of Me … Lemme Explain … Just Long Enough To Give Those Exasperated Eyebrows A Well-Deserved Rest From Judgment Day, Which Comes On February 14.

For Confessional Appy’s, We Can Start By Thanking Lauren or Amanda or Emily – It May’ve Been Marshall or Blake or Ignatius – For Bequeathing Me That Sweet Undeserved Moniker, However Mildly Erroneous And Necessarily Ego-Flattering.

It’s Exactly What One Of The 2.0 Tribal Lennie’s Quipped When Sipping A Lavender Chai Latte And Hemp Biscotti At The Last Show & Tell Event.

… And, So Is Swami.  Oracle.  And, Sorry, I Forgot Your Name Dude Guy.



Wednesday’s Are Normally Reserved For Big Hair & Skinny Chunked-Down Slim Jean’s …

A Near Lethal Combo That Fuels My Desire For Delusion Of Adequacy.

And, Didn’t Cha Just Know I’d Be Rocking The Oatmeal Turtleneck After Sticking It Out On Tuesday’s Little Chit-Chat?

Feigning Reverent Has Never Been So Effortlessly Captured When Capped By Tobacco Suede Chukka Boots.



They Came To See … To Listen, To Learn … To Take Flight Of Fantasy In The Fabulous Make Believe World Awaiting Their Neophyte Dreams Of Grandeur.

So, That’s What I Delivered – Beyond Their Curious Stares And Inquisitions – I Gave Them The Dearest Gift Of Passive Optimism: Hope, Interrupted. 

Blame The 369 Collective Swipes At Their Pocket-Sized Altars Of Self-Adoration Every Breathable Moment Buried Nostrils Deep In A Smart Phone.

“I’m Hopeful, Too.  That The Darlings Will Post Up A Photobomb Of Me On Their Cachet Of Selfies.  Instagram Fodder.  But, I Had It Coming To Me In My Guru Side Hustle.  Love The Gig.”


Image by Alicja from Pixabay

7 thoughts on “Guru Side Hustle

  1. Suzette Benjamin

    Wonderful share Michael! Thank you. The next generation needs to hear from the wisdom/experiences of today. Sometimes we think they aren’t listening but… maybe some of what you said, perhaps may impact a young mind to its true passion. Blessings.

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      Excellent points, Suzetta. I genuinely enjoy the professional exchanges and experiences I’ve had with new graduates beginning their careers. It’s the metamorphoses from neophyte “fresh face” to jaded, disgruntled “intermediate” I have a difficult time managing. I believe it was Edsel Ford whom once remarked (paraphrased), “Never under estimate the influence you can make on a young person’s life.” That has stayed with me for decades. It also helps put parenting into perspective.

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