Sunday Night At My Joint


Simple Fare.  I’d Prepared Kuched-Up Chilli For The Boys.  Unavoidably Complicated, A Necessary Fuss, I Am In The Kitchen …    

Going Far Beyond The Ordinary – 32 Ingredients … Slow-Cooked Forever – I Know, But That’s My Gig And I Love It.

Blame It On A Trifecta Of Its Not-A-Secret-Anymore Secret Ingredients:

… Belgian-style Double Dark Ale.  Doppio Espresso.  98% Cocoa. And, 29 Other Things That Dont Require An Explanation.



Quintessential Dialog That Never Gets Old … Is Any Topic More Father-Son Talky Than Cars?

We Made Plans – As We Do Every Year – To Attend The Canadian International Auto Show Next Week … After Uno’s Snowboarding Spring Break Bender At A Friend’s Chalet.

I’d Also Mentioned The Rumor Of A Possible Barn Find That Sparked Curiosity: A Classic Mustang Sitting Abandoned On A Property Owned By A Late Distant Relative.  Apparently, It’s Stable Mate Is An Old Harley.

… We’ll See.



Uno Is A Vintage Dude With Soul.  He Loves Retro, Rust And Old Shit Most People Would Rather Toss Out Than Keep.  He Wears Used Clothing He Buys At A Local Thrift Shop.

Classic Cars.  Hip Girls (Exclusively Brunettes?).  Budget-friendly Beer.  Freestyle Dancing (He’s On A Crusade With His Wolfpack / Quad Squad … To Bring Back “The Hustle”).  Curator Of Fun.  Guitars.

So, When Uno Announced He’s About To Procure A Nearly Ancient Manual Typewriter – An Olympia (ca. 1959) – I Said, “Hell, Yeah, Lemme See.”  Scroll, Scroll.  Tap.  Kijiji.

… Because, Of Course, Uno Needs To Finish His First Manuscript (For A Student Film) With An Ode To Old School Hacking.  



While Due – Son No. 2 – The Hulking Deuce Lounged On The Sofa …

We Yapped About School, Post-Graduate Plans And An Internship In Advertising … Chats Morphed Seamlessly To The Gym – Hair (His Growing Out In Coopery Waves … Lucky Fellow) – And, Films.

Being Oscar Night, Once Upon A Time … In Hollywood To 1917 And Jojo Rabbit Segued Into My Suede Jacket Hanging In The Front Closet.

… What’s The Jacket Have To Do With Tarantino?  Well, More Cliff Booth, Really.  Like The Typewriter, Hollywood Props & Wardrobe Would’ve Cast Mr. Pitt To Wear It, Which Is Good Enough For Me On A Sunday Night At My Joint.


Image by Jacqueline Macou from Pixabay

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  1. Erica/Erika

    Wow, Michael, on the 32 ingredients! They all sound fabulous and I cannot imagine this Chilli minus one. Espresso and Cocoa, will make many dishes amazing. It sounds like a great, fun night, especially when you have Due and Uno in the house.

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