Frozen Berries Are In Season


Is Just Me … Doing It … 

Getting My Banshee Wail On – There May Be A Wounded Whimper Of Male Ego Deflated – Icy Tears Quieted By Frozen Ducts.

Pulling On My Workout Wear.  Normally Stretchy, Absorbent Dri-Fit™ Stuff.

Thaw First.  Then … La-La-La-LaSweating … My Skinny Jeans-Envious Ass Off … 



Packed His Gym Bag Yesterday With Genuine Intentions … 

Then I Skipped The Dishes – And – Friday’s Workout For A Week-Ending Pig-Out.

To No One’s Hurt Pride – Save My Privileged Idiocy – I Left The Bag Sitting Over Night In My Car … As Temperature’s Dipped Down To -15° Celsius … 

“… Just Another Good Enough Reason Why I Don’t Wear Biker’s Shorts …”


Image by Pixabay 

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