Sardonic Satorialist?


“Giving Up The Booze And The One-Night Stands …” 

Joking, folks.  Sardonic is what I do.  Sartorialist, occasionally.  Bombastic, mostly.

Please, consider this Friday Mash-Up a smattering of lightly-battered Milquetoasty Sarcastic Muses by a McCryptic McMoronic McMystic.  Wishful like that, I am.

Also, that was the Late Gerry Rafferty – dreaming, drinking, crying – melancholy in the lyrics of Baker Street … The song I awoke with this morning.  So, I’m in a lovable mood.

… And, unapologetically contrarian to “When It’s Not Good” of a couple days back.



They Went Full Commando – Bareback – Screwed Around, And Had A Son … 

“A Cantankerous Little Bastard.  Gnome, Gnome.  About The Size Of A Lawn Ornament, But Less Imposing.”

The Poor Thing couldn’t fly.  Sad, not so much because he didn’t try, but that he thought he was a majestic Eagle.  Gnat. Gnat.  Flapping his tiny invisible wings and yapping his big mouth.  Shoo-Shoo.

… For 19 seconds 5 days a week, I fantasize that I’m paid handsomely to listen to this insignificant Sycophantic (Flaccid) Prick.  I’m not.  So, I don’t.  I’m merely, and unremarkably, tolerant.  Though, hardly quieted.  Which ends My Adorable Rant and onto To Loving Life.



A New Word I Learned … 

“I’ll Probably Never Use It More Than Once Or Twice To Impress No One … Not Even The Girl On The Train That Passes To The South Of Me Every Morning Around 8:12, Which I’ve Never Taken Anywhere …”

So, I’m Giving Pasquinade Back To My Thesaurus.  Please find a good use for it.  Like Magniloquent … It deserves a better fate than I can provide.

… Love how it rhymes with Tapenade.  Being all Provençal-tongued.  Esplanade, too.



What’s On My Breakfast Menu This Morning …

At an Unavoidable Work Situation – New Product Training Seminar – Aka: Schmooze & Snoozefest  

Where prospective new customers are wooed Herded By The Promise of Watery Libations and Meh Munchable’s.

Also, its perfectly scheduled – Friday – just in time to derail The Ramp Up To My Weekend Buzz Joy Hoopla planned for noonish.



I tried my Shallowest Best To Ditch & Bail On Going.  Couldn’t Get Out Of It.  Got busted on a non-response to the RSVP I’d ignored.  So, I did the next best thing and spread the pain:

I dragged HeJo with me.  Pronounced Hey-Ho.  An endearing Acronym Moniker for a pair of Co-Conspirators.  They may be reading this.  More Hey than Ho.  One of them may find this reference vaguely amusing, and the other, flattering in that FoMo but was included anyway, kind of way.  Also, I may be apologizing at about 10 AM.  What?

“Now, I’ve booked some extra Tic-Tocs on the Sundial to Goof Around At Home this Ante Meridiem, which I’ve dedicated to sharing with you on Kuched.”

Aw, right?


Image by Gratisography from Pexels

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