Hanky Panky, Hokey Pokey?


If John Lennon had added another lyrical verse …

About doing The Hokey Pokey and getting his Hanky Panky on?

“The Beatles might’ve reunited … with Yoko singing back up.” 

… And, the World a better place?  Meh-be.


If only Poppa had helped you raise your Sons … to be Cowboys …

And, not murders and rapists and such?

“We’d all sleep a little better after the late night Hanky Panky.”

…. Not awaken to the cries of a defiled Global Shithole of Hatred and Hunger by Godless Warmongering Whores we’ve been engineered to call Men.


These Boys Got It Right – Made it Safe to wear Green & Orange together – Color-blind Ambassadors of Love.

“Friends for Life doing the Hokey Pokey?”

Plasticine Besties espousing Claymation Gender Fluidity and Zen-like Philosophy in the Way Back Days.

Pliable.  Tolerant.  Non-Judgmental.


Both, Please …

Let’s not argue about semantics

“Or Having Cake And Eating It, Too.”

… Any order will do.

Image by Erika Wittlieb from Pixabay

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