Let’s Have A Better Friday


Because Yesterday – Whatever The Hell That Mess Of A Day Was – Was An Emotional Abscess I Wanted To Crank, Yank And Spank To Smithereens …   

“Hey, I Don’t Want To Be A Non-Compensated Pseudo Empath If It Means Carrying The Burden Of Everyone Else’s Stinky Garbage And Shitty Behavior.”

So, To All The Idiots, Malcontents, Ignoramuses And Like Dumping Their Dirty Laundry And Spewing Their Foul Pie Holes On Me: You Said It, You Did It, Fine

Now, Kindly Shut-All-The-Way-Up And Enjoy Life Without Disrupting Mine (Or Hating On Others).



I’ll Accept Any Version You Can Muster …

Respect, Too

Baby Steps To Awareness.

And, Goodness.



Two Things.  In That Order.  Perfect One, Then Move On To The Next If You Can’t Manage Both Simultaneously.

“The Universe Thanks You.”

End Of My Lovable Rant.

Peace And Blessing, My Dearest Darlings.


Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

12 thoughts on “Let’s Have A Better Friday

  1. Writer of words

    There’s a big part of me that hesitates getting sucked back into the work force in the full- or even part-time capacity for that main reason: (many) people suck. I see it out and about when I’m doing errands and I often wonder how I managed to survive in the working world for as long as I did back in the day without committing some sort of heinous act toward the sucky people.

    Working from home has its issues, but it’s definitely easier…on many fronts.

    I’m sorry Michael, I hope you were able to find a few spare moments throughout the day that left you with hope, rather than despair. I’m sending you good vibes for today. ❤

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