Bad Girl

An excerpt from ‘Swayed’ – Copyright © 2014 by Michael A. Kuch


Camille laid down a fresh coat of lip lacquer.  Latex Love.  What the skanky ginger bitch at the MAC counter called the new color, before Camille swiped a tester sample into her fake Prada.

“Hmm, Cee.”

Pouting for the mirror’s benefit.  In close.  A dot of snow.  Right there.  On the philtrum.  Yeyo.  White powder from the bump in the dancer’s private stall.

Up went the double silicone stacks.  400 cc’s.  Killing the D-cups.  Enough cleavage spilling out to drive poor Ray-Ray into fits.

Touchy, feely Raymond.  Easy prey.  Shark chum.  Dumb as cereal.  Up front in Perv Row.

And, slick Henry.  Ol’ Hank.  In those Italian brogues and linen jacket.  Dropping big cake at SugarsOn her last night at Leo’s smut emporium.  Yeah, it was coming together.  All she had to do was dance.  Like a whore.

Where baby sister came in.  Keeping the deal in the family and Leo’s filthy hands off.  Camille’s plan when the red light flickered in the back room.

“Showtime, Girl.”


Image by Pixabay

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