Really, Dude?


Is One Of Those Shameless Filler Posts …

Us Blogniks Ever Admit To Dropping

When We’re Blatantly Number Dumping,

… As If Anyone But Momma Bear Cares About Our Ego-Thumping.



Fourteen Months Into This Unnecessary Blog … 

I Finally Hit The Small Time

Figured It Out All By My Lonesome Self

… How To Stay A Small Deal.



Is In My Cannoli, Spicoli … 

But, It Should Be As Obvious

As This Tidy Little Mess Of Nothingness

… You’re Reading.



Sprinkled All Over …

Like It Matters.

Jusaying – And You Can Quote Me – Here:




Post #200 … Who Knew?

+100,000 Words (Too Many, Right?)

More Than 4,000 Loves Served

… That’s All On You.



For Keeping Me Around … 

All 300ish Of Y’all.

About It.

… And, Me, For Now.


Image by Miloslav Hamřík from Pixabay


12 thoughts on “Really, Dude?

  1. Writer of words

    Next time you go to the Food Bank, stop by San Remo’s. You won’t be sorry.

    Also, I’m going to write about your Food Bank volunteering next week sometime and link to it. You have a way of being brutally honest in a compelling kind of way that makes the reader to want to know more. The more uncomfortable the topic, the better the story telling. Very good writing.

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  2. alaskamanspeaks

    Well Happy New Year to you also Mr. Kuch, such cheerfulness! I, having made 74 + years, made it through war & hell & high water, consider myself a lucky man when I awaken and find my old heart still beating! The Lady Love of my life having decided to depart this life for Greener Pastures, I am alone now with nothing better to do than type thoughts out on this key-board, it is 02 degrees outside, thank the Lord for giving us Fire. We would all be little blocks of ICE by now, if not for wood & coal heat fuel, oh! and oil & Gas……Rather than burn up all my fuel at once I put on warmer clothes, try to keep my home at 55 degrees, chilly but livable, my Lady liked 70 degrees, but she is departed now so it is only old me. I cannot even remember the last time I entered a grocery store, maybe in October? We wisely stocked up our pantry, and I do not eat much food now, my one meal today was biscuits & Gravy & 2 eggs, purchased at my favorite eatery: “The Cosmic Kitchen” in Homer, Alaska, their “Wasabi Halibut” is to die for……Heat up^ a meal, and give thanks that YOUR HEART is still beating on in this new year of 2020! Brother Kuch, I have not even sent this message and I find another one awaiting me from you, are you living home alone Sir? ________________________________


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