My Blessed Day


Like I Promised I Would … 

Because I’m Able.  Willing.  Not Afraid.

What I Must Do

… To Be Purposeful In My Life.



Once In Awhile … My Hypocrisy Falls … 

With A Poke Straight To The Heart

Eat My Words.  Drop The Schlepping.  Try A Little Good.

… As We All Should.  If We Could.  I Know You Would.



You’ve Heard Me Chime … A Time Or Two … Drop A Dime Or Two.

C’mon Back Here To Save The Date, Feed Their Fate And Food Is A Human Right

Jusaying What I’m Doing On The Last Monday Of The Decade.  No Spa Day.  It’s Helping Hands Day.

… The Best Christmas Present I’ve Ever Given Myself … Is Giving Myself … A Day To Lend A Couple Hands …



My Melon’s Too Big …  History, Schmistory … No Changing My Pretty Little Past …  

I Need This.  To Be This.  And, More.

And, None Of That.  Other Stuff.  No More.

… Exorcising The Dark Making It Light ’til I Get It Right.



[klōv] is My Thing …  Break It Down … Build It Up … 

“Lemme Get The Obvious Outta My Way …”

K = Kuch.  Love 4 Love.  Love Needs Love.

… You’ll See In The KLÖVE Community.



The Year Of More …

Doing.  Being.  Giving.

Taking Love To The Streets.

… No More Resolutions, Getting On With Solutions.



I’ve Made … Beyond Awareness.  No Over-Thinking, Thinking About Thinking.

Lighten Up On The Stewing.  Back To Doing.  Getting It Done.

How About You, Amici?

“Whatcha Got Brewing?”


Photo by Kristin De Soto from Pexels

35 thoughts on “My Blessed Day

  1. Suzette Benjamin

    “We can never loose by giving”– as the saying goes Michael. Wonderful work supporting those in need. Your genuine kindness to help the needy is heart warming. Happy New Year. May your vision for the KLÖVE community blossom and bear great fruit in 2020.

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      Thank you, Emma. It was a memorable day spent supporting the food bank. You’re so right about rejuvenating the Heart and Soul. Also, an awakening to the plight of those where hunger is omnipresent.

      Happy New Year to you and your family, as well. Best for 2020. Cheers! 🙂

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  2. Cathy Granert

    Love it. Feels like cheating to say that you read my mind or that you took the words right out of…my brain? I’m one of those ‘new year’s resolution’ nerds. This past year has been about simplifying things to deal with the complicated and it’s been working so far. I was thinking that this year was going to be about giving. This feels like a confirmation, so thank you. 🙂 Breaking good. I like it.

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  3. alaskamanspeaks

    Gifting: How I do it; My Lady died, I had saved up money for Her to live on as I fully expected to die before Her, I discovered that I can live on less than $300. A month. So I wrote a check to “Doctors without Borders” for $10,000., then I wrote a check for $10,000. To my local food pantry, then I wrote other checks to Salvation Army, & other good charities. & You know what? I have more money than when I started! The more one gives, the more one has to give, it works like MAGIC! If I have saved ONE CHILD from going to bed hungry, my life will not have been lived in vain!…..A thought; what if, instead of buying all that CRAP for Christmas Presents, we instead made donations to worthy charities in our children’s names? Think of all that wrapping paper not cluttering up the local landfill! Plus our Children learn that giving is better than receiving……Just Saying!

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